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Submitted By Huw Rowlands (huwr)


A modification of textonly by Mark Fickett. justtext simply removes the fonts from textonly. It uses the font that the user specifies everywhere, rather than using Monaco in places.

As far as I know, there is no problems with this message style.

You may also want to try NoFruit, as well, for those who like it done a little differently.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions/thoughts/confusions on this plug-in.


-Fixed alignment error introduced by webkit.


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# by thejokell on 12/12/04 at 02:39:13

I like it. ;)

# by on 12/12/04 at 09:17:53

plain very plain..... i like it :D

# by kndnice on 12/12/04 at 23:44:38

the colors seem very weak to me, perhaps you could offer a mod that has brighter colors?

# by on 12/13/04 at 02:10:49

If I try to change the font colour, it won't let me use any font but Helvetica. But I have issues with Adium not wanting to use anything but Helvetica to begin with, so it may not be your style. But I can use teal Helvetica or black Verdana, but not teal Verdana.

# by huwr on 12/13/04 at 07:55:21

Kristen, I am not sure what you mean. The font can be changed in Preferences -> Messages -> Font and Size, and Preferences -> Advanced -> Messages -> Reformat Incoming Messages.

If you mean the input box, however, I too can not change the font for that. This is not exclusive to justtext, however.

# by Si on 12/14/04 at 05:27:34

Huw is teh bitchin!

# by on 12/24/04 at 20:33:12

Yes, I know how to change the font. But for this particular theme, it does not cooperate, unfortunately. If I want to use a font, ok. If I want to use a colour, ok. But if I change the font and colour, no go. Might be an Adium issue.

# by on 06/24/05 at 13:06:55

so simple!

# by phov on 11/09/05 at 01:38:59

dividers would be fun
although..thanks, been looking for something like that for a long time
nice job

# by mediumofmeaning on 12/11/05 at 13:42:56

looks good. is there a way you could align the names of those in the conversation? right now they are misaligned and it looks a little odd.

# by gwen on 03/16/06 at 14:46:21

this is exactly perfect, thank you!

# by ddamato on 10/08/06 at 17:00:07

This is really simple and effective. Nice work! :]

x damato

# by ea_n on 04/01/07 at 16:14:57

this is nice, maybe option to add spacing between the lines, hmm?

# by kevinh on 06/12/07 at 04:40:35

the newest update for apple seems to clip half of the most recent line in the message window
will there be a fix?

# by huwr on 06/12/07 at 06:01:44

I don't think a fix will come any time soon. I am busy with exams. An unsatisfactory work-around is to resize the window such that a vertical scroll bar appears. This seems to push the text higher.

This may be due to change in webkit, or the way Adium works with webkit. I don't know at this stage.

Others are very welcome to contribute! :)

# by huwr on 12/03/07 at 07:39:18

It's now fixed. Yay.

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Current Version: 1.0.1
Last Updated: 12/01/07
Mark Fickett for origanlly creating the message style that I have modified to creat justtext.