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Submitted By Jay Patteson (ipi37)


lowbrow script by ipi37

this script pulls down a random lowbrow moment from and then it attempts to parse it for just the "moment." (my shell command parsing skills leave much to be desired so it's bulky i am sure, but it works! and that is all that matters.) it will then send this moment of lowbrow to whomever you are sending it to. be warned!!! some of these are dirty and foul and crude and crass and down right pornographic. so don't send one home to mom and dad. however if you are like me, a vile, perverted person, I think you will like this script. :D

furthermore, the brow might be disappearing soon again for lack of funding. I will miss the brow and since i can't afford to contribute to their funds, i figured i would write this little script and tag each of the im messages with "SUPPORT THE BROW" and a link to the website so that hopefully more people will see the site and contribute funds to them. :D

currently there are 2 versions of this script you may run... the Woman's version which will allow you to preview your IM and choose to not send it.... ;) and the MAN's version which just sends a random moment. (Please feel free to send me hate mail ladies! as I am always looking to chat at new women. ;) )


p.s. i purposely am not including the email addresses at the bottom of each post, due to frequency of which i have posted there under my real email. ;)

p.p.s. I am really not a woman hater..... I am actually the most P.C. person you will ever meet. It was on the advice of one of my female friends that I title the scripts man and woman.... please don't kill me.... please!


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# by on 11/25/04 at 14:04:12

after reading this horrible discription i still dont know what it does.......send me a email please or write a comment under mine

# by on 11/26/04 at 05:16:16

Hm... it doesn't seem to be working for some reason at the moment. However, the site is still up. Not sure what is going on. Perhaps they have disabled "curl" commands to their website? I don't know. I'll research and get back to you.

# by on 11/27/04 at 16:47:22


You type _lowbrow and it should pull a random moment from the www.lowbrow site and send it via IM...

If it doesn't work for you, try going to in a browser. if that doesn't work either, then it isn't a problem with the script. That would mean that either the site is down or you have some sort of firewall blocking you.

# by ipi37 on 12/14/04 at 18:23:51

I've changed the structure of the script, so _lowbrow no longer works. should be: _lbman and _lbwoman now.

# by on 12/15/04 at 08:11:42

Still not working, ipi.

# by ipi37 on 12/15/04 at 18:20:13

works fine for me any many others. does work in your browser?

# by on 12/26/04 at 19:12:24

The webpage works fine for me, but the script doesnt. Neither the male nor the female one, that is. :/

# by on 03/29/05 at 00:49:15

Works for me. It's pretty fun. _lbwoman is a little strange - first it froze (I had to force quit and restard Adium,) and now nothing happens when I _lbwoman.


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Current Version: 1.9
Last Updated: 11/29/04
thanks to chrisflawson for helping with the dialog box for the women's version of the xript