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Modern Retina

Modern Retina

Submitted By Ngoc Pham (ngocphamm)


A modern service icon set ready for retina display.

I recently started to use Adium again on my retina display and desperately looked for a retina service icon set but haven't found yet, so I decided to "compile" it myself. I said compile because none of the icons is original work of mine. If there's any violation for using someone else's work, I apologize. Please inform me and I will take this down immediately.

The icon is from this comment on Trac

If there's any wrong icon for a service, please comment and tell me. Some of the services I don't even known about so I just guessed it.

Small catch: I realized normal "large" icon should be of the size 48px, and for retina displays, it should be 96px. However, the icon set on the link above is only 64px max, so the large version of the icon is only 32px (64px is for the retina). I tried and think it's still good on my screen. If it's messing up with yours, please comment.

Thank you!



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# by secretanchitman on 10/17/14 at 17:59:21

Works for me on my 15" RMBP! Thanks for making a retina icon set for Adium! :)

# by ngocphamm on 10/17/14 at 18:00:09

Glad that you find it's usable. Thanks for the feedback!

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