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Submitted By Stuart (MagisterQuis)


Effortlessly sends the contents of the copy/paste buffer to

Copy some text to send, and type /tny to send the text to and send a link to that to the chat. /ftny is similar, except it enables syntax highlighting.

If $HOME/ exists with the contents username:md5hashedpassword, the contents of that file will be used to upload the data as a tinypaste user.

The following command will create the file:
perl -e 'print("Username: ");$u=<>;chomp($u);print("Password: ");$p=<>;chomp($p);$h=`md5 -q -s $p`;$d=$ENV{"HOME"};open(FH,">$d/");truncate(FH,0);printf(FH"%s:%s",$u,$h);close(FH);'

You can either use the google code page for bug reports, requests, and to check out the code, or feel free to leave a comment below.

The source code for the main file may be found on



Switched from tinypaste to

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3.11kb (57 downloads)

1.00 / 1 votes
Current Version: 0.1
Last Updated: 08/26/12
Written by MagisterQuis.
Heavily based on work by phredrich.