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Taz - Contact List

Taz - Contact List

Submitted By Pritthish Chakraborty (pritthish)


People have been requesting i make a contact list style to go with my message style taz sooo, here goes!

best used with Taz []



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# by dcentity2000 on 07/25/11 at 16:49:12

What's the icon pack used in the screenshot?

# by xja on 09/09/11 at 23:06:33

I've just seen that, but I'm disappointed: it has no Lion-like scrollbar!
I hardly find it matching, the only thing that resembles the message style is the group title: you should make the single contacts resemble the message aspect in the Taz message style.
But the biggest thing I miss is the narrower scrollbar, being stuck in Snow Leopard...


# by pritthish on 09/10/11 at 03:29:42

1. Lion/iOS disappearing scrollbar is a system ui element. not something i can shoehorn into what is essentially a plist.
2. gradients are not possible on contacts.
3. to get thinner scrollbars, you need to modify your extras file for SL. either that or just upgrade to lion.


# by xja on 09/10/11 at 12:45:26

Thanks for replying.
In SL Taz message style has a narrow, grey scrollbar, what I have to do to have it also in the contact list?

# by pritthish on 09/10/11 at 15:49:00

you can't.

# by xja on 09/10/11 at 15:57:13

Yes, I inspected xtras packages...
What about a narrower scrollbar?

Thanks, bye.

# by pritthish on 09/11/11 at 14:28:06

you can't. scrollbars on the contact list are the OS default ones. no way i can override them. like i said, get lion, or use a lion-esque theme for SL.

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