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Mass Effect 2 - Garrus

Mass Effect 2 - Garrus

Submitted By mizzyalana (mizzyalana)


I had always wanted some of my favourite characters' lines from Mass Effect 2 as sound sets for Adium, and now I do! It took a LOT of searching to find all the files online (forum threads, websites, etc), so please leave a comment if you like it or have suggestions.

Sound set includes:
-contact signed on
-contact signed off
-contact went away
-contact returned from away
-file transfer began
-file transfer cancelled
-file transfer complete
-file transfer failed
-message receive
-message send

The "message receive" and "message send" files were extracted from a youtube video of Mass Effect 1, when the team is on Virmire talking to the Salarian special tactics leader on his comm.
(there's a hidden file called "Calibrationpancakes" if you show package contents; it's Garrus' voice actor in a Xerox Marriot commercial. My husband tried piecing it together and altering it a bit, because the thought of Garrus making pancakes and smoothies is just hilarious)

All sounds and characters belong to Bioware.

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