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Tab's Magic 8-Ball

Tab's Magic 8-Ball

Submitted By Jathan McCollum (jathanism)


Generate random one of 20 random responses inspired by the original Magic 8-Ball toy.

Below is a list of the quotes it will generate.
  • As I see it, yes
  • It is certain
  • It is decidedly so
  • Most likely
  • Outlook good
  • Signs point to yes
  • Without a doubt
  • Yes
  • Yes definitely
  • You may rely on it
  • Reply hazy, try again
  • Ask again later
  • Better not tell you now
  • Cannot predict now
  • Concentrate and ask again
  • Don't count on it
  • My reply is no
  • My sources say no
  • Outlook not so good
  • Very doubtful

To use it simply enter /magic8ball, /8ball, or %_8ball. Enjoy!

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Install | Download
54.81kb (119 downloads)

5.00 / 2 votes
Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 09/10/10
Thanks to Abe Bookman the original inventor, Wikipedia for providing easy access to all of the original answers, and to Tab for the reason to create this in the first place!