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Submitted By Florian Bethke (Fl0ri4n)


Ingamium is a plugin for the free chat client Adium. It allows you to receive messages and reply to them while playing a game without leaving fullscreen mode or quitting the game. Youīll simply see the messages on top of the game and in a small chat window you can view the last messages and reply the them.
  • Install the plugin with a simple double click – thereafter itīs perfectly integrated to Adium, without any further configuration!
  • No matter whether you use ICQ, MSN, Aim, Google Talk or any other protocol – Ingamium supports them all!
  • Chat with your friends without closing your game
  • Ingamium supports more than 50 native Mac OS X games, but you can add custom ones with a few clicks
  • Automatically updates the list of supported games when launching Adium
  • Configure Ingamium to fit your needs: e.g. Position and color and the behavior of the chat window are customizable
  • Use the build-in function to send new games to the developer – theyīll be officially included in the next versions!

  • Requires Adium 1.4!!


- Overall code and project cleanup (changeover to SMJobBless-API)
- Update to latest mach_inject and mach_override
- Support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion



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# by sako36 on 08/09/10 at 04:37:53

how do i access the preferences for ingamium? i can't find it anywhere in adium.

# by eboyblue3 on 05/12/12 at 00:15:00

The preferences are located in the "Adium" menu. If you can't see it, try downloading it, not installing.

# by Fl0ri4n on 08/09/10 at 08:29:09

You need Adium 1.4 Beta, sry, forgot to mention it here.

# by casslt07 on 08/09/10 at 21:53:49

How do you add a game? Does it work with emulators?

# by Fl0ri4n on 08/09/10 at 22:03:52

You can add a game in the "InGame preferences", found in the "Adium"-menu.
Never tried it with any emulators, it might work if itīs using OpenGL for drawing.
You can try it out by adding the to Ingamium. Would be nice if youīd tell me which emulators work/which doesīt :-)

# by casslt07 on 08/11/10 at 03:15:16

So, I clicked the + symbol to add a game, and typed them in manually, in the slots that say .
Then, I tried the emulators sixtyforce, PCSX, and DeSmuME using that method, and it didn't seem to work in any of them. PCSX would crash when I opened it too.
Sims 3 and some games I tried in CrossOver didn't work either. Although, I'm not sure if I'm doing everything right.

# by Fl0ri4n on 08/11/10 at 15:32:21

sixtyforce works flawlass for me, just added "" to the list and it worked. Maybe just a typo in your list?
PCSX is way too old to make it work, itīs not even a universal binary (which is required to make it work). It might work on an old PPC mac, but I donīt think youīll want to get one just to use Ingamium with your PS1-games.
I canīt test DeSmuME because I donīt have any NDS-roms and it doesnīt show me anything without a rom, sorry.
I know that Crossover doesnīt work yet, donīt know why. However, Ingamium should work with the official OS X version of Sims 3, why donīt you use that instead of crossover?

# by casslt07 on 08/11/10 at 20:13:46

For Sims 3, did you type "The Sims™"?

# by Fl0ri4n on 08/11/10 at 20:26:34

Ah damn, forgot that the name is localized.
Yeah, I think "The Sims™" should work, but I canīt test it. For the German version, "Die Sims™" is correct, so I think youīre right.
Try setting a quite high delay for that game (about 60 should be fine), Cider-games need a long time to start.

# by arithine on 09/26/10 at 08:35:10

I would suggest an option to keep up the chat window, without the bar to talk with when you dont want to talk, always and have your replies show up with who ever your talking to.

sorry im not explaining it very well but i see it turning into something like what we see in wow.

# by photofreak on 12/08/10 at 01:45:36

doesn't work in 1.4.1

# by Fl0ri4n on 12/08/10 at 15:15:39

Try reinstalling the plugin (delete and re-download). Ingamium definitely works with Adium 1.4.1, maybe something has gone wrong during the last Adium update.

# by photofreak on 12/08/10 at 20:14:02

I just tried to reinstall it and all I get is this
and the adium won't connect till I disable the plugin...

# by photofreak on 12/08/10 at 20:18:18

ok my bad it just took a while to load....

going to have it a go on my favorite game

# by photofreak on 12/08/10 at 21:11:53

no idea if it works because I didn't get any msgs
can u please add hedgewars?

# by photofreak on 12/08/10 at 21:25:25

it works fine just had to add .app on the options!

just one problem
when playing i could only write in english with no option to change the input language to Hebrew....

# by photofreak on 12/08/10 at 21:31:49

and the other way around either
u have to choose which one u would like to use b4 game...

it's the same problem with the built in chat that comes with the game maybe it has a some link?

# by Fl0ri4n on 12/08/10 at 22:39:15

Glad to hear that it works now.

I did not yet implement a method to choose the input language, and Iīm not quite sure whether it is possible to make the system change the language while a fullscreen game is running.
Iīll investigate that when I have time (around the holidays I think).

# by photofreak on 12/09/10 at 02:10:37

so maybe the full screen is my problem in both cases?
when r the holidays?

# by Shabamb on 12/24/10 at 06:10:17

I tried adding "Neverwinter", and the game just crashes when I try to start it up.

# by Fl0ri4n on 12/24/10 at 14:59:58

I think "Neverwinter Nights" is a PowerPC app (running in Rosetta), right?
These apps wonīt work with Ingamium, sorry...

# by Shabamb on 12/24/10 at 16:45:58

I actually have no idea. How would I figure that out?

# by Fl0ri4n on 12/24/10 at 16:55:48

Command + I on "Neverwinter". If it says "Kind: Application (PowerPC)", then its an old PPC App which wont work with Ingamium
Otherwise (Kind: Application (Universal)) theres another problem Iīd have to find.

# by Shabamb on 12/24/10 at 17:00:09

Aww man. Yeah, it is a PowerPC app. Oh well. :/

# by GalakFyarr on 01/09/11 at 21:09:40

It's a great plugin but would be even better if it would work in conjunction with the xblaze plugin

currently, I can only send messages to my xfire contacts in-game, i can't see what they say

# by Batshua on 02/09/11 at 04:15:12

How about for DVD Player and VLC?

Sometimes people IM me when I'm fullscreen in a movie and I don't want to ignore them, but I don't want to stop the movie, either.

# by Fl0ri4n on 02/09/11 at 22:24:32

I did not yet manage to make Ingamium work with Quicktime-Based apps (like DVD Player), I think Apple doesnīt use OpenGL for playback.

VLC theoretically works, the only problem is that the current version of VLC is 64bit, and Ingamium does not (yet) work with 64 bit apps.
A simple workaround would be to launch VLC in 32bit mode, and then adding "" to the list of know games in the ingamium preferences.
If you are using a mac with 32bit processor then you can skip the first step, adding "" will do everything you need then.

# by RhinoJunior on 04/18/11 at 22:45:07

Is there a way to disable Away and Idle messages from showing up in Ingamium?
It's annoying when a contact has their idle timeout set low and my screen gets flooded with "Contact went idle." "Contact came back." messages.
And by flooded I mean only about 2/min, but it's still a pain.

# by otrejni on 05/11/11 at 05:56:00

Dude, you are AWESOME. I was dreaming of something like this: a way to see what are they writing without having to minimize the game and switch windows. I wonder if you could answer the message with a key combination or something :P

# by RanXerox on 07/04/11 at 21:53:52

Hello, great add on. Since new version, can install xtra. Seems to be a bug.

# by xhuy on 07/12/11 at 01:38:51

is working with Starcraft 2 ?

# by xhuy on 07/12/11 at 01:46:57

with adium 1.4.3b1 ?

# by Fl0ri4n on 07/15/11 at 16:10:15

Adium 1.4.3b1 works, Starcraft 2 should work, too, but I canīt test it.

# by xhuy on 07/15/11 at 20:49:56

yeap! is working, i guess i got a corrupted file !

# by kherge on 03/05/12 at 05:37:45

Unfortunately this causes graphics problems and inevitable crashing with World of Warcraft 4.3 on Mac OS X 10.7.3.

Would have loved to use it.

# by _ray on 04/25/12 at 06:35:30

Was just looking for something like this, but would like to continue Adium chats when Chrome is full screen. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work with Adium 1.5? Please update?

# by Fl0ri4n on 04/25/12 at 15:31:09

Adium 1.5 is supported by the latest version (1.2.1), available on the official homepage:
Apps using the Lion fullscreen mode are not supported, only real OpenGL apps (mainly games).

# by _ray on 04/25/12 at 15:48:13

Oh thanks, that's a pity!

# by Fl0ri4n on 04/25/12 at 16:31:04

Yeah, the fullscreen mode of apps like Chrome and real OpenGL-fullscreen apps are two completely different things.
I'm not quite sure if it'd be possible to support this kind of applications, but there's no point to do so, because Growl already works perfectly with Chrome & others.

# by _ray on 04/25/12 at 16:34:30

Unfortunately Growl only works well for notifications when in Chrome full-screen. I'm looking for the functionality your plugin provides (continue chatting while full screen in another app) for OpenGL games :(

# by Fl0ri4n on 04/25/12 at 16:37:38

Which ones? Maybe I can tweak something so they'll be supported by Ingamium, if it doesn't work out of the box...

# by _ray on 04/25/12 at 17:52:12

I simply want to be able to continue a chat conversation while using another app in full screen mode ... but everything I've googled indicates it can't be done :-/

# by javierAizpuru on 07/31/12 at 19:31:38

Doesn't work on Minecraft!

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