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Pikachu Faces

Pikachu Faces

Submitted By Gina (iamlegend)


Pikachu Emoticons!

March 13, 2010: This is my first emoticon set.
Some are animated and some are not.

Major Credit goes to Domie1337 @ DeviantArt for the majority of the emoticons came from here.
Direct Link:

    Added some of my own emoticons:
      -Straight face

      The ASCII text is based off of AIM/MSN/Anime faces (ie: ^_^, -_-, x_x, O_O, ^^; etc)
      Sick emoticon is both +o( and :[[ For those of you who never use the + sign


I noticed the Angel one doesn't work even the coding seems to be the same as the other emoticons. I need help with this.

4.17 - Fixed the Angel issue. I remember why it wasn't in there. I was getting frustrated it wasn't working when I had the file IN there so I deleted the Angel entry completely. Now it seems to work again! *waits for approval again*



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# by coerul on 04/17/10 at 16:36:28

I LOVE these. I love Pokemon, and pikachu is a perfect candidate for emotes.

# by coerul on 04/17/10 at 16:38:33

I can't seem to find the Angel. It's not in the code, and the image isn't there. That's probably why it isn't working. xD

# by Bailey on 04/23/10 at 21:11:48

Yeah these are cool. Could do with removing the white outline on them though :/ Doesn't look good on dark themes.


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