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Elegant Simple v1.5a 110327

Elegant Simple v1.5a 110327

Submitted By Jules Gravinese (WebVeteran)


No longer do we have to be plagued with the Mac OSX scrollbar ruining awesome Adium Message Styles. This message style uses a custom scrollbar in Adium Messages.
Latest: Message's width expands/contracts with scrollbar's hide/show

This is a working alpha release. The javascript libraries have been changed. Some functions have been removed for the time being.


This is a prototype for the talented folks that create our wonderful message styles.
I hope that others will use it as a spring board for rapid development of a whole new breed of message styles with custom scrollbars.

Screencast (MP4, 3.6MB)

* Fade-in of new messages
* Auto smooth scrolling when new messages are received - including concurrent messages
* Custom styled scrollbar
* Dynamic height scrollbar handle
* Header and Footer objects of scrollbar handle
* Auto-hiding and fading scrollbar (mouse in/out of window)
* Message blocks widths expand/contract with auto-hiding scrollbar
* Auto-darkening background (mouse in/out of window) for busy desktops
* Mouse wheel support


1.5a 2011-03-27
Smooth scrolling - restored
Auto scrolling to bottom on new messages - restored
Handle dots - restored
Lots of code cleanup (more to be cleaned)

1.5a 2011-03-12
Fixed the scroll-to-bottom bug... almost certainly!
Using the new Scripty2 javascript library
Removed LivePipe for the slider and scroll wheel code
Created a custom slider and custom scroll wheel code
Removed smooth scrolling (will add in later)
Removed mouse on/off window animations (will add in later)
Lots of commented code (will fix later)

1.2.3 2010-12-06
Fixed the scroll-to-bottom bug... maybe
More Code cleanup
Small efficiency boost

1.2.2 2010-09-27
Fixed the scroll-to-bottom bug finally
Code cleanup
Slight performance boost

1.2.1 2010-06-13
Allows user to change message font (thanks to Piotrek Marciniak / 'Pretty Simple' message style)

1.2 2010-04-15
Auto-darkening background (mouse in/out of window) for busy desktops

1.1 2010-04-09
Message's width expands/contracts with scrollbar's hide/show

1.0.4 2010-04-08
Fixed smooth scrolling
Added smooth scrolling for consecutive messages
Leaned out some code
Fixed an issue where it would not scroll all the way to the bottom

1.0.3 2010-03-21
Added Variant for left justified text in messages

1.0.2 2010-03-15
Fixed time wrapping issue on certain systems/languages (10.6/Korean definitely)

1.0.1 2010-03-11
More stable animation of show/hide scrollbar, using effect.cancel()

1.0 2010-03-09
Initial release



You can reply to individual comments by clicking the "Reply" link next to each.

# by WebVeteran on 03/11/10 at 16:14:01

Oh BTW... [You] and [Them] in the demos are just placeholders =)

# by Milly79 on 03/12/10 at 02:19:30

OH man, this is AWESOME. Great work!

# by dcentity2000 on 03/12/10 at 02:44:33

You beauty!

# by WebVeteran on 03/12/10 at 18:15:24

Thanks for the nice comments. I'm glad you like it!

# by VirusC29 on 03/12/10 at 19:00:00

5 ducks! could you make a contact-list theme with the same scroll-bars?? it would be awsome!!

# by WebVeteran on 03/12/10 at 20:36:56

I haven't had time to look into building a contact list style. For now I suggest you use "Simple Pretty". It's the very same look (sans custom scrollbar).

I may look into it. But first I am going to explore special effects w/in the message window (such as each letter gets 'typed' into the bubble like a typewriter).
This message style is using Scriptaculous for the animations (except for scrolling). So every web2.0 effect you've seen on any web page can be applied to Adium messages. The very near future is going to be really awesome!

# by VirusC29 on 03/12/10 at 20:39:20

well, this also hears awsome... i'll be awaiting farther uploads ;) .. great work!

# by WebVeteran on 03/12/10 at 20:42:13

Whoops, a correction on the contact list. In those screen shots I am using the "Overture 1928" color theme and "HUD" layout.
Also, after inspecting the resources that make up a list theme and layout, its not possible to add a custom scrollbar.

# by NINJA90 on 03/13/10 at 04:37:44

Strangely... When I scroll with a webpage behind it however, the webpage scrolls as well... Is this a problem with the scriptalicious script incorporating with the page as well??

# by WebVeteran on 03/13/10 at 05:06:59

Every now and then I see that as well, with any type of document underneath.
It has nothing to do with scriptaculous, which is a JavaScript library, and certainly cannot tell other programs on your mac what to do.
I believe its the transparency of the adium window. The scroll event is somehow being passed through the window to the document underneath.
I'll experiment with raising the opacity to see if it yields any difference.

# by WebVeteran on 03/13/10 at 05:19:19

I've done a bunch of experimenting. It appears that every adium message style, regardless of scroller (webkit, scriptaculous, or Mac), exhibits the same issue. When the adium window has any amount of transparency, the document below will be scrolled as well. It's as if the mouse tells the OS "scroll everything under the pointer x pixels down". And the OS sees the adium window (35% opacity) and also the window underneath (65% left over) so it scrolls both.
I don't know if the fix for this lies within Adium or Apple, but certainly its not within my control!
A workaround is to set a custom background color with very high opacity. That sure kills the look of the style though =(

# by NINJA90 on 03/13/10 at 06:20:41

Ahh, i see... I was testing a webpage, then tested with a version of word that is run in rosetta (im sure you know what that is) which cancelled the scroll-thru... That's y i assumed it might have been the scriptalicious... (though I have no knowledge of the language haha) That's actual quite an interesting concept, the transparent scroll... I have bypased the issue using a nice background that i found... Thank you for the help!

# by NINJA90 on 03/13/10 at 06:26:31

Oh, and im sorry for doing this so late so... THANK YOU FOR THIS THEME!!! I've been looking for a good simplistic theme for a while now... Grape's glass was pretty good, this blows it away! It looks very similar to a certain phone interface i saw (coming out this holidays... Windows phone 7 series if u wanna check it out). Very Very pretty... When combined with the simple pretty you provided, Adium looks better than it's looked it too long... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

# by NINJA90 on 03/13/10 at 06:27:40

Oh, by the way... You might want to put this fact under info... just for people like me who gets confused at this sort of thing.... If you don't i completely understand, just a suggestion... THANK YOU!!!

# by NINJA90 on 03/13/10 at 06:29:02

Oh, and.... After further testing, im happy to say that for the people out there puzzling whether this is a mac or adium issue... I think adium is the responsible one here.... Twitterific and other transparent apps do not react the same way!

# by pritthish on 03/14/10 at 20:37:49

actually, ive tried that and seems like it works fine on one of my own messagestyles, even with the background opacity turned down as low as 6% :)

[you can view the messagestyle in question here >> ]


oh btw, love what you did with the scrollbar animations!

# by NINJA90 on 03/14/10 at 21:20:27

I don't think it has to do with background opacity... It has to do with the opacity of the window itself

# by pritthish on 03/14/10 at 21:21:19

the window itself? how the hell are you changing the window opacity from a messagestyle then? :S

# by NINJA90 on 03/14/10 at 21:23:27

Don't ask me, ask him.... And you don't change the window opacity, the maker of the theme sets it, tho how, i don't know... Look at pretty simple or actually try out his theme to see wat i mean by like the window opacity.

# by pritthish on 03/14/10 at 21:24:50

the window opacity can't be changed unless you mod the nibs :/

i assume you are referring to something else? :S

# by NINJA90 on 03/14/10 at 21:57:30

Nope! The window, or the chat part of it anyway, is transparent... Have you even tried the theme yet?

# by pritthish on 03/14/10 at 22:00:45

yes i have, and you mean the body? i'll have a look at the css and see if i know of any way to fix it :)

# by NINJA90 on 03/14/10 at 22:02:45

Ok yes, I meant the body... I'm sorry for any confusion about the window opacity

# by WebVeteran on 03/15/10 at 01:24:01

I figured this out. The problem happens when using CSS to set the body's opacity. But if you set the background opacity from the Adium preferences there is no problem. So perhaps its an issue with WebKit.
However, if you try this with ProtoScroll, setting the background within Adium preference STILL exhibits the same problem. So where does that leave us? I have no idea =)
I'll try experimenting with event bubbling within the style. But I continue to think we'll have no control over this.

# by pritthish on 03/19/10 at 02:15:04

ok, ive been poking around even more and run into the issue, except for me, setting the opacity through css means there are no probs, but doing it from the adium preferences causes all sorts of crap, with window shadows disappearing, windows under the chat window scrolling etc...

this happens more with the 1.4 builds than the 1.3 ones :/

what the fuck is going on O_o

# by WebVeteran on 03/19/10 at 02:21:10

First off, please keep it clean. I don't mind potty language but it does lower the average class in here =)

I've seen tons of render bugs in Adium when dealing with opacity.
Sometimes the message area casts no shadow at all - only the header and footer do.
Sometimes rounded corners exhibit very weird rendering bugs with chips of clear areas and a shadow around them.

But I don't know if it's an Adium, Mac, or video card problem.

Either way, its nothing we can control. And for normal users I don't think it happens much, if at all. But I know I'm beating the sweat out of Adium so funky things are sure to happen.

# by WebVeteran on 03/13/10 at 07:02:22

Thank you NINJA90 for the compliments! However all style credit goes to Piotrek Marciniak. He created the original "Pretty Simple" message style (
At the moment, my theme is basically his "no scrollbar mode" but with a scrollable window. However under the hood, aside from his css file, my theme is completely different.

# by Kaos_Hybryd on 03/13/10 at 09:07:11


# by Milly79 on 03/14/10 at 21:49:47

Off-topic, but I must ask. How did you get your dock to look like that? I've tried tweaking it around and what-not, but I could never figure out how to get it to look that way. Also, how did you change your "close, minimize, expand" buttons?

# by WebVeteran on 03/15/10 at 01:26:36

No problem...
That dock is DragThing's Processor dock.
The mac's theme was changed to "Truth 1.1" via Magnifique.

# by Milly79 on 03/15/10 at 01:35:21

Awesome, thank you so much! Keep up the good work!

# by Milly79 on 03/15/10 at 01:46:16

Apparently Magnifique doesn't work with Snow Leopard?

# by WebVeteran on 03/15/10 at 02:17:05

Maybe - I'm on 10.5

# by NINJA90 on 03/15/10 at 04:46:14

Doesn't work.. I've tried, it completely screws ur computer.

# by crux on 03/17/10 at 06:15:01

great theme! would love to use it as standart... but I'm unable to change the font size (only while writing: "command +") how come!?!?!?

# by WebVeteran on 03/17/10 at 07:03:25

I used the visuals from the "Pretty Simple" message style. So I'm not 100% sure why, cannot answer your question. I think it's because of the timestamp being on the right - changing font size would change the wrapping and break the theme.

# by crux on 03/17/10 at 17:01:08

thanks anyways... i'll address that to the "pretty simple" author.

# by WebVeteran on 06/14/10 at 01:51:22

Pretty Simple and Elegant Simple now both allow font changes.

# by schnack on 03/17/10 at 20:17:42

how to you remove the icons and the bottom tabs ?

# by schnack on 03/17/10 at 20:40:28

Now I've figured how to remove the bottom tab bar.. but how do I remove the icons in the top between the close, minimize, expand and the screen where the written text is located?

# by WebVeteran on 03/18/10 at 01:45:23

You should see another button, all the way on the right of the window title bar. That is the universal "hide the other icons" button.

# by Shaughn on 01/15/11 at 09:38:59

I've been looking for how to remove the tab (whether you have it set in the sides or top or bottom) how do you totally remove it?

# by chonyx on 03/18/10 at 09:28:58

I love what you do! And the scroll bar is gorgeous. I was just having problems changing the font. I was wondering if in the future changing the font of the name, and of message text, will be available?

# by WebVeteran on 03/18/10 at 16:35:20

Thanks! I'll look into being able to change font sizes. I'm pretty sure that was disabled on purpose in the original Style. But since I fixed the problem with wrapping, maybe it can be safely enabled now. Stay tuned!

# by chonyx on 03/18/10 at 19:35:01

Awesome! Very excited.

# by WebVeteran on 06/14/10 at 01:51:43

Done. v1.2.1

# by caliguy on 03/22/10 at 02:07:40

Great, just friggin great. No other words, just GREAT!!

Oh, and THANKS!!!!!

# by caliguy on 03/22/10 at 02:10:42

the Contact list is just a demo? If so, when will it be available??

With bated breath..

# by WebVeteran on 03/22/10 at 03:12:50

Thanks for the kudos and you're very welcome!

The contact list can be styled like in the demo as so:
Color Theme: Overture 1928 (
List Layout: HUD (
Window Style: Group Bubbles
Opacity: 40%
Other than that... season to taste!

# by caliguy on 03/22/10 at 09:10:56

Thanks so much man!!!

# by DeusNovus on 03/25/10 at 20:20:28

I have a problem with the contact's font in the message window, it messes up some special+foreign characters. Is there any way I could change the fonts for the contacts in the message window?


# by WebVeteran on 03/25/10 at 20:28:25

Can you IM me? I don't think you'll be able to change the font for that, but maybe I can add character sets to the page (window).

# by DeusNovus on 03/25/10 at 20:34:00

Actually, I just realised that all the fonts are included in the build, nothing can be changed.
Is there anyway I could even change the message fonts?

# by WebVeteran on 06/14/10 at 01:50:41

This is implemented in 1.2.1.

# by Neylus on 03/25/10 at 22:47:52

Exellent ! Great ! Please man how did you get this DOCK ?

# by WebVeteran on 03/25/10 at 23:26:40

Hi Neylus - Thanks!
That is a DragThink dock.

# by Neylus on 03/26/10 at 01:31:46

ok thanks man, and very good style!

# by Neylus on 03/26/10 at 01:45:49

can you help me ? i don't know how to use DragThink

# by WebVeteran on 03/26/10 at 03:02:57

Sorry, that was a typo. It's DragThing:
You just have to play around with the themes and their background transparencies.

# by caletz on 04/03/10 at 08:33:01

FINALLY SOmeone has done what ive been hoping for! LOOOVE the scrol!!!!! MUST BE DEFAULT in adium!!!!!!!!!

# by WebVeteran on 04/05/10 at 05:03:19

Haha - thanks for the great review! =)

# by Soul on 04/08/10 at 11:28:14

Beautiful looking style!!! However like most transparent styles it's very hard to use when the window is overlaid over other documents etc.

Is there any chance of options to change the opacity etc? I tried custom background but that didn't seem to do anything.

# by WebVeteran on 04/08/10 at 15:34:42

Hi Soul - the custom background does work. I just tried it successfully. Make sure you set the opacity in the color windoid so your custom background shows up.

# by garyyc on 04/08/10 at 23:54:32

Man this is great theme! =D thanks for this. But im having two problems with it. The smooth scrolling isnt so smooth when new messages are loading. It seems a bit choppy. And the other problem is that im getting random lines.

I've attached an URL to the image of hte problem. Am i missing a script or something?

# by WebVeteran on 04/09/10 at 02:42:33

Well... I don't think there is a solution to this. I'm not one to pass blame along, but what you are seeing is something really odd. There is not one single image in this theme, it's all background colors and other CSS settings. So the fact that those odd lines are showing up tells that something beyond the HTML/CSS programming is at fault. It's a problem of either webkit, adium, OSX, or the video card.
I've noticed those visual hiccups myself every now and then. Sometimes the message area won't cast a shadow. Resizing the window, making a new window, or restarting adium will fix those issues.

# by bspec on 04/18/10 at 04:05:58

Great message style! Only a few suggestions from my end:
When the window isn't auto-darkened, it's a bit too light for my liking. With light backgrounds it's more difficult to see the text. Is it only supposed to auto-darken when the mouse curser is over the messages?
Also, when sending or receiving a new message, the scrollbar scrolls to the bottom of the message, but not the bottom of the window.

These aren't really a big deal, just something worth mentioning. Overall great theme. Keep it up.

# by bspec on 04/18/10 at 04:18:11

Actually, upon further use of this theme, new messages are constantly being cut off, forcing me to scroll to the bottom of the window after each sent or received message. Maybe it's a problem from my end.

# by bspec on 04/18/10 at 07:02:25

Played around with my window theme and updated it, scrolling works fine now =) Sorry for the... triple post.

# by bl4ng on 05/05/10 at 22:36:40

Can you tell me how you fixed the scrolling?

# by WebVeteran on 04/18/10 at 14:36:55

Yes, darkening on mouseover is the intended effect. You can always override the background in the Adium preferences.
I've been using this version (testing it) for about a week. I did have to make a few small tweaks to the scrolling. But I have not seen a problem for quite a while. If you still see this glitch let me know - either here or IM me.

# by amaan on 04/19/10 at 03:58:12

this would look just great in the iChat style!

# by Roaring_in_the_Dark on 06/21/10 at 04:31:51

The auto-darkening background is just so cool. I love this.

# by zwingtip on 06/21/10 at 06:05:05

Awesome message style. One issue: After a while of talking to someone, it stops scrolling to the bottom of the window after every message, making me manually scroll down. ANy way to fix this? Could the Adium HUD plugin be causing it?

# by WebVeteran on 06/21/10 at 16:18:31

I sometimes see that too. As of right now I'm not sure what is causing it, but I am trying to get it fixed.

# by zwingtip on 06/21/10 at 18:32:39

Thanks. I love this style. That problem is the only thing keeping me from using it as my default.

# by frankga90 on 06/29/10 at 18:37:41

same here. Using no other xtras. :(

but thanks for your work! its sooooo beautiful

# by suzykaploozie on 07/17/10 at 06:52:23

Wonderful, I truly love it. May I ask where you got your wood desktop background?

# by WebVeteran on 07/18/10 at 04:42:16

Gee sorry, I don't remember - I got that a while ago. I know I looked for and found it on google though. "wood desktop background" maybe.

# by alexmaras on 09/15/10 at 18:26:36

hi webveteran, fantastic theme youve made up here, just wondering if that auto scrolling to the bottom ever got fixed or looked at? i cant get enough of that theme, but that one problem is bugging me :D

# by WebVeteran on 09/15/10 at 22:19:58

Thanks Alex! I've been quite busy with work so I have not had time to fix this yet. It is always on my mind though.

# by alexmaras on 09/16/10 at 17:42:08

:) thats all good webveteran, im pretty sure i can live with it for a fair while longer ;) love it too much to give up!

# by WebVeteran on 09/28/10 at 02:03:13

Good news everyone - I found where the scroll-to-bottom bug is. A fix is on the way!

# by WebVeteran on 09/28/10 at 05:06:19

The fix has been posted. It is in version 1.2.2. Thanks to all for the encouragement.

# by Kiddomike on 09/30/10 at 09:33:38

hey webveteran! This message style is really great! I just want you to know that I still have the scroll down problem. Dunno if this was similar to the previous bug before 1.2.2.

If i scroll up to look at previous messages, then if i send a message it will scroll down perfectly. But as the conversation goes on, especially when i send multiple lines in succession, the scroll down will no longer work perfectly. I noticed at first it is not noticeable but it kinda builds up to the point where only half of the latest message is seen, then i have scroll down with my trackpad or mouse.

Just a feedback. :D

one of the coolest themes i've ever seen! keep up the good work!

# by alexmaras on 09/30/10 at 15:48:08

:D YAY! ok, i updated, it didnt work. then i checked updates, and realised i was running on a beta version. i downgraded and all seems to be dandy so far! im sticking with stable unless theres something i need from beta from now on :P THANK YOU WEBVETERAN!...just wondering whether you were able to very quickly check the beta on the offchance that that broke it.... only if you have time! thank you so much for your patience!

# by kleye3 on 10/03/10 at 10:13:33

i have the same problem as kiddomike.....!

# by kyc10 on 10/07/10 at 09:31:26

i have the same scrolling problem too

nonetheless, my favourite message style BY FAR! Thanks!

# by sceptiQ on 10/08/10 at 14:20:16

got them too :/

so sexy bit this scrolling issue... makes it unusable... /reset fixes it for a short time.

# by WebVeteran on 10/15/10 at 18:09:17

Dang... I'll keep working on it! It's a weird bug.

# by yoruk on 11/10/10 at 07:02:32

Same problem as kiddomike, couldn't find any solutions at all. It's still so beautiful I can't help but use it though. =P Would really appreciate it if you could fix it WebVeteran! Thanks!

# by WebVeteran on 11/10/10 at 07:29:57

Someone reported that at first the problem is really small. But as time goes on, and the message gets longer, the missing scroll area becomes bigger. Can anyone confirm that?

# by yoruk on 11/10/10 at 07:34:59

Yup. It really isn't a bother if your conversations with someone don't last very long. But after a hardcore argument over IM you can't even see what you enter anymore. As in you'll type in something, it'll send it through but the message window won't move to accommodate the new message and you have to scroll down yourself to see it.

# by jobotslash on 11/17/10 at 08:38:41

Confirmed. I've been fighting with it on multiple levels trying to figure it out for the past two weeks. seems no matter what is done, it still acts funny.

Also, sometimes when I have long messages (140+ characters) and I've resized my window to be small-ish (1/4th screen width) the scrollbar popping out causes the window to autoscroll due to the resize and I can't scroll back down to see the latest message, because each time I do the scrollbar popout messes up the long message...

The main issue though is the long chat history causing it to not autoscroll to latest message properly, like described by others recently here.

# by ioptimist on 12/05/10 at 18:27:08

1.2.2 2010-09-27
Fixed the scroll-to-bottom bug finally

Well it's still scrolling to bottom :(

# by WebVeteran on 12/06/10 at 04:06:56

Yes, I know. It's just hard to dedicate time towards a fix while working freelance.

# by WebVeteran on 12/06/10 at 18:19:37

I think I may have the scroll bug fixed. To reproduce the bug (using v1.2.2 which you can get at github: ):
Send yourself many multi-line messages, so the window scrolls.
Scroll the window manually up and down. Leaving it partially up.
Send yourself a few small messages that won't wrap to a second line.
You should now see the bug.
Install v1.2.3 and repeat the process. You should not see the bug anymore. If you do, please note your versions (mine in parenthesis):
Mac OS (10.5.8)
Adium (1.4.1)
Safari (5.0.3 5533.19.4)

Fingers crossed!

# by ioptimist on 12/07/10 at 16:13:25

I did like You said, and it's gone?
Omg, need more testing, but looks like finally :)


Mac OS 10.6.5
Adium 1.4.1
Safari 5.0.3 (6533.19.4)

# by pritthish on 12/15/10 at 04:02:11

nope, bug still there...

OS 10.6.5
Adium 1.4.1
Safari 5.0.3 (6533.19.4)

its a lot less frequent, but I managed to replicate it... :S

# by Revival on 12/15/10 at 11:25:41

is there a way to not have auto darken/auto fade for the message style? eg can a variant be made to be without it? otherwise love the style!

another thing i noticed is that scrolling in the message is super fast, unlike the contact list window.

# by caliguy on 12/28/10 at 09:47:37

I love this message style, is there any way to add user icons for this?

# by funkypepper on 01/18/11 at 02:17:18

I would love to change the username font, Gill Sans does not contain all the Turkish glyphs, I've digged a little through the .css files but could not find anything. And this font problem is really annoying. :(

# by WebVeteran on 03/07/11 at 04:05:51

Hi all. I've been very busy with work. Great for me and my family, not so much for Elegant Simple. But, from work that I learned quite a bit and will be folding that knowledge into Elegant Simple 2.5 which already underway! I'm removing LivePipe UI for the scroller, upgrading Prototype JS from 1.7 to 1.9, upgrading scriptaculous 1.8.3 to Scripty2 2.0b1, and using a completely custom scroller.
I'm hoping all this will remedy that pesky scroll-to-bottom bug. After that I'll circle back to the wishlist / requests.

# by WebVeteran on 03/21/11 at 18:12:08

Version 1.5a uses an updated javascript library (scripty2). I'm now using a completely custom slider mechanism and scroll wheel code. I'm pretty sure the scroll-to-bottom bug is fixed!
It's alpha because I had to remove some functionality for the major code change. I'll be adding it in over time. I plan on V1.5 Final having all the functionality from 1.2.3.
You can still get the latest full version (1.2.3) from GitHub:

# by diou9a on 03/25/11 at 19:42:54

Thank you so much WebVeteran, i've been using your "Elegant simple" message style for a good while.
Keep the good work to add some stuff.
Cheers man !
ps: it was so good, i used it with the scroll-to-bottom bug anyway!

# by caliguy on 03/28/11 at 12:00:33

Great message style.....can you add user icons to it?

# by caliguy on 03/28/11 at 12:12:23

Hmmm.....just installed the new version, and the background remains very dark. Any suggestions?

# by caliguy on 03/28/11 at 12:12:30

Hmmm.....just installed the new version, and the background remains very dark. Any suggestions?

# by WebVeteran on 03/28/11 at 16:20:25

User Icons: Perhaps. First I want to get 1.5f up to the same features as 1.2.3. I'm not too fond of user icons though. I may make it a variant instead.

Background: Yes I know. It was one of the features I disabled for 1.5a. I'm keeping it dark so it's more readable across any desktop.

# by dotcommer on 05/30/11 at 08:41:47

Could you please add the option for a thicker version of the font for the screen names? On my screen, its so thin it looks terrible, and its not even fully white...

# by jfkline on 06/15/11 at 02:01:47

Doesn't seem to work with 1.4.2 Screenshot:

# by jfkline on 06/15/11 at 11:42:16

Nevermind. I just switched message styles and switched back and all is well. Apologies for the false alarm.

# by dwells on 07/08/11 at 10:41:59

Having the problem jfkline posted - just a transparent black block and a scrollbar. Tried switching to another theme and back, no luck. Also tried uninstalling the theme and installing with the downloaded file instead of the download link, no luck. Running 10.6.8 on an early '11 MBP15.

# by WebVeteran on 07/08/11 at 16:16:34

I do see the error myself. It will be a while until I can return to this project. In the meantime, use the previous stable version ( ) which seems to work.

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