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Scout Sound Set TF2

Scout Sound Set TF2

Submitted By soadluv


I was bored so i made a Sound set. have some scout. if there is enough interest i will make one each for the other classes.

Edit: Will be starting to make the other classes soon. if you want a certain sound for something post it here.

Sounds used:

Contact Requests Authorization: 'Get on the freakin' point, dumbass!"

Contact sings off: 'DIIIISMISED' (imitating soldier)

Contact Signs on: 'wanananana...'

Contact invites you to group chat: 'Need a dispenser here!'

Contact joins group chat: 'Get over here!'

Message Received: 'BONK!'

Message Received (initial): 'WHOOO!'

Message Sent: 'Boink!'

You are mentioned (group chat): 'Is- is anybody even paying attention to me?'

Contact leaves group chat: 'WE GOT A SPY'

You connect: '/I/ AM THE SCOUT HERE.'

You Disconnect: 'Hit the road, bozo, let a real scout get to work!'

File transfer begins: 'Wave goodbye to your secret crap, dumbass!'

File transfer cancelled by other side: 'Aw, crap...'

File transfer completed: 'I got it, i got it, i got it!'

File transfer failed: 'Aw, jeeze!'

File transfer Requested: 'If you order now, i'll throw in a second beatin' ABSOLUTELY FREE.'

New E-mail: 'Yo, incoming!'

Error: 'okay, this does not look good, here, ummm...'


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# by Vala on 02/18/10 at 02:02:03

Nice Sound :D

# by Vala on 02/18/10 at 02:03:37

more sound :D

# by Slugger570 on 03/28/10 at 20:39:34

Could you make a heavy sound collection? Doesn't have to be big but would be useful for a project i've got going on.

# by soadluv on 03/30/10 at 07:04:12

will start working on this soon. i have like four projects going on at once, atm.

# by soadluv on 03/30/10 at 08:41:57

Er... got bored and made it. it'll take a while to be approved.

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