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Submitted By Caius Durling (iNemo)


This plugin pulls a random rule from and sends it in your conversation. What is manlyliving? From the credits page on is a single-serving website chauvanist website. All it does it serve rules that help you become a truer, stronger and better man. Also, it might make you an ass towards women - but hey, you win some, you lose some!


You can view a random rule or view the entire list.


To use, type %_manly in your conversation, away message or status. It will insert a different (random) rule everytime it gets called.

Errors, misspellings, etc

The plugin just fetches and displays the data from, please contact them with any misspellings or errors in the rules.


2010-01-11 v0.1

Initial release

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5.65kb (289 downloads)

5.00 / 2 votes
Current Version: 0.1
Last Updated: 01/12/10
Plugin Author:
Caius Durling
Thomas Mertz