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Vergil (Halo ODST)

Vergil (Halo ODST)

Submitted By Brad Fantin (182angels)


If you've played Halo:ODST, this dock icon should be familiar to you. The city's AI is now in your Adium dock icon!
Comes with different status images that all came straight out of the game from the superintendent.


Vergil Chimes for contacts signing in and out:



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# by peelman on 10/01/09 at 17:50:14

Very awesome! Thanks!

# by nxc on 10/01/09 at 23:25:06

These are awesome! You should make more than just dock icons for these.

# by acmac on 10/04/09 at 06:40:28

This is a great icon pack! A sound set to go along with it would be great as well.

# by 182angels on 10/04/09 at 20:41:56

I just made a quick soundset for when contacts sign in and out with a diferent Vergil chime. It should be availible soon.

# by gatjensb on 02/02/10 at 21:34:08

It looks pixel when i hit command + tab on my iMac

# by berianir on 11/16/10 at 09:17:55

I love this Icon. Any chance of doing a menu bar icon as well?
(or, I might take a shot at it, once I figure out more about making and customizing them than simply grabbing someone else's menu icon file and replacing the pictures ;) )

# by berianir on 11/16/10 at 19:37:50

Actually, I hope you don't mind, but I took this and extended it a bit to add more of Vergil's moods. I've also made a menu bar icon. These will be uploaded ASAP. :)

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