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Flurry Adium

Flurry Adium

Submitted By Joel Cipriano (joelcipriano)


Dock Icon based on "Flurry System" package icons by David Lanham & Louie Mantia.


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# by AdrianB. on 09/29/09 at 01:42:15

haha i just tried to post something using the other ichat flurry icon i dont think it worked though good post

# by joelcipriano on 09/29/09 at 04:23:58

I use iChat (for work and mac friends) and Adium (for windows friends) and liked the two icons :)

# by AdrianB. on 09/29/09 at 04:53:53

yeah makes sense i generally dont use ichat and i thought that the other one worked better with the icons in my dock. i really like what you did with the saturation, great idea. my set is still going through the whole moderators.

# by joelcipriano on 09/29/09 at 17:45:50

Thanks and good luck with your set :)

# by AdrianB. on 09/29/09 at 18:00:32

thank you

# by Cruciarius on 02/19/10 at 20:20:51

Very nice. Just wish it had different away/idle looks. Hard to see the icon change, when my dock has 16x16 icons.

Maybe have the background change color?

Blue = available
Red = away
Yellow = idle

Though yellow may be odd with the face being yellow... just an idea.

# by joelcipriano on 02/20/10 at 01:07:18

Well… that's the ideia, you know… very discreet.

16x16? Whoa! How big is your screen buddy?

# by Cruciarius on 02/20/10 at 01:13:02

My screen is 1024x768. Can't go any larger and even if I did, I see no need for large icons in the dock.

# by joelcipriano on 02/20/10 at 03:27:40

Me too. But I use they with 48x48 at maximum.

# by rob-to86 on 05/23/10 at 20:41:47

Joel, you might want to rename this icon set since David Lanham has submitted a "Flurry Adium" icon set of his own:

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