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Launchbar Status Update

Launchbar Status Update

Submitted By Jacob Leander-Olsson (jacoblo)


An attempt to create a script for Launchbar to update Adium's status and personalized message

Two versions. Same result but a little different means:
- The first version includes a popup box. You enter Adium Away, Enter and get a dialog box where you can enter the personalized status. Leave it blank to only set it to away.
- The second version is without the popup box. You enter Adium Away, Enter and the status is set to Away. If you type Space instead of Enter then you get the option to set a personalized status.

In each version there are four files. One for Available, Away, Invisible and Offline

More detailed instructions can be found at

To install:
1. Download and unzip the file
2. Move the script files that you want to use to ~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Action
3. Either restart Launchbar or update the index. This is done by selecting Index, Update Index and All Rules
4. Call Launchbar and start typing Adium…

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