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Wuff-Cow Translator

Wuff-Cow Translator

Submitted By Tim Lehr (Chaos)


You know the Wuff-Cow?! No? It's a strange animal something like a dog-cow :-D
You want to speak like a Wuff-Cow? No? It's a pity. But if you decide to speak like a Wuff-Cow, download this funny Adium Script.
How to use:
Just type %_muff{Your Message} and you'll get the translated Message.

%_muff{I love the Wuff-Cow!} will be something like this:
Muuff Muahwuff wuffmuh Muahwuff Gruuuuff (I love the Wuff-Cow!)

Gruuuuff muuh wuffmuh Muhawuff muuuh *grgruuuh* *mmmmm* ( Have fun and don't forget to rate! ;-) )

Many Thanks to Félix for the Kitty Translator Script.
The Wuff-Cow Translator Script is based on his Kitty Translator, try it too! :-)


v1.1 - added some Words
v1.0 - first Release

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7.63kb (2238 downloads)

4.40 / 118 votes
Current Version: 1.1
Last Updated: 08/30/09
by Chaos 2009

based on the Kitty Translator from Félix :-)