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Submitted By Mårten Lundin (marten)


1.1 version supports an alternate layout of messages.

This is my very first attempt at making my own Adium-theme. I was inspired by the iPhone Message Style theme, and wanted to keep a simple and clean look.

Available in white and black.

For the full experience you can now match this message theme with the Marten-Plain dock icon, Marten-Plain emoticons and
Marten-Plain menu bar icons in White, Black and Buddy-style.

On top of that you also have Marten-Plain status icons in White and Byddy-style.

And Marten-Plain Black list theme.



version 1.1.1
fixed a buddy icon bug.

version 1.1
a few tweaks in layout. new buddy icons. new alternate black and white versions.

version 1.0


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# by westcoast021 on 07/21/09 at 08:50:42

i like it. a lot. nice and big, easy to read, and if someone has a nice profile pic, it looks incredible on here! thank u!

# by westcoast021 on 07/21/09 at 08:51:21

p.s. thank you for offering a black and a white variant right away, instead of fifty different tacky colours and then a black and white way's much appreciated :D

# by adamwpants on 07/24/09 at 03:00:25

Can you make variants with the profile pics scaled down by 50%?

# by marten on 07/24/09 at 16:40:55

I might do more variants in the near future.

# by dcentity2000 on 07/28/09 at 22:25:40


# by toastido on 07/29/09 at 03:31:03

Love it, looks AWESOME in HUD styling, but there is a bug in the message style: you need to rename your buddy_icon.png files to all lowercase so they continue to work properly on case-sensitive filesystems.

Other than that, GREAT work!

# by marten on 07/29/09 at 09:27:07

thanx for the tip. i'll check it out.

# by coerul on 09/06/09 at 04:31:28

I agree that the profile pictures are too large for me to want to use this message style very much.
I think it would be great to have small, medium, and large variants to suit if you get around to it. :3

# by kingscooty on 09/18/09 at 15:11:16

I absolutely love this skin! But can we get an alternate version where the local user's messages are on the right and the remote user's on the left?
I'm used to using the Scribbles theme and i liked the way it did that. :)

# by marten on 09/18/09 at 18:54:33

thanks for the suggestions. we'll see what happens in the future.

# by Richard_Silva on 02/01/10 at 04:57:33

Waiting for the next release... :D

# by Soul on 04/08/10 at 11:52:07

Love the style. Just wish I could scale everything down a bit....

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