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User Interface Idle Time

User Interface Idle Time

Submitted By plasticchicken


%_idletime unambiguously displays the time since you last touched the keyboard or mouse, just like timer the computer uses to determine when to put the computer to sleep.

Usage: I've been idle for %_idletime
Result: I've been idle for 0.05 seconds

Of course, it's not very useful in chat, but as a status message it can be fun.

Status Message:
I'm currently in %_activeApp and haven't touched my computer for %_idletime.

Others See:
I'm currently in Safari and haven't touched my computer for 1 minute 24.51 seconds.

%_idletime formats the time nicely: xx days xx hours xx minutes xx.xx seconds. For the technically curious, the method comes from this discussion:


1.0 - initial release

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1.80 / 10 votes
Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 05/20/09
Jeremy Nixon for the command, I tried some equivalent ones but his ran the fastest.