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Adium Blues

Adium Blues

Submitted By Nils NotAvailable (Blueish)


Based on Webkit!



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# by adamrobertt on 03/18/09 at 00:03:57

Looks pretty good, but I'd like to be able to change the background. Also, the lines that seperate multiple messages is too harsh. Maybe lighten the color or make it look slightly recessed or something?

Overall, good job.

# by Brutal on 03/20/09 at 06:11:19

Very nice!

# by longzero on 03/20/09 at 17:32:35

I second Adam. I'd like to change the background, mainly a customized color. Other than that, this is great.

# by iamatomicboy on 03/21/09 at 20:39:03

i really like this.
to change the line-darkness, navigate to the images folder in the xtra, find 'divider.png' and lighten it with an image editor.
you can of course change the background the same way. (if you don't know where to find these, right-click on the adium app, show package contents, find the message style, show package contents of that too, and then you're set.)

# by aeroplane on 04/04/09 at 04:53:00

I think I found a bug. I'm finding that I can't turn off user pictures; either option, user pictures show up.


# by EnzoFX on 06/07/09 at 06:17:10

I also think I found a bug:

I'm not sure if it's only when I open/initiate the chat window, but the behavior is as follow: The previous 5msgs from last chat appear fine, but once I actually type something and send it, the window doesn't scroll down to accommodate the new text, it's as if the window scrolled up, and I keep having to scroll down to notice any new msg (Only only on 1st msg).

Great theme however!

# by av3ry on 01/06/11 at 11:54:36

What status icons are those? :)

# by Xeakain on 01/25/11 at 06:43:56

Can you make it able to chante the font size? or if you cant can you tell me how to do it? i just love this style but the font is small for me, thanks in advance!

# by tyranka on 01/01/13 at 16:51:15

I had a problem with the display name. I think that in main.css is missing " .sender { width: x%; } ".

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