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Submitted By Jay Patteson (ipi37)


Have you ever wanted to annoy someone with your love for them? Well now you can!!! With this new script from ipi37 you can message someone at a set interval for as long as you want with the same message... over and over and over and over...

unless you happen to try to im someone while you are doing this loop, cause then you will crash Adium... :( it seems to usually happen if you im right when the next iteration will occur. (what's up dev peeps?)

usage should be obvious, but here it is anyways:

/annoy{What you want to say,How long to wait until next time it is said,How many times to say it}

side notes: time is in seconds... and if you do this script too much, you may surpase allowed character limit for certain services and they will kill your account for a limitted time... all output goes to tab 1 on your im window... the first chat you started that is still running.. hopefully i will figure out how to fix this for future releases....

optimum usage is for your gf or bf with /annoy{I love you!,60,60}

Also... this script malfunctions as an away message and continues to send message until the end of time itself... but still using the delay value. (what's up dev peeps?)

warning! this script is crash happy!!! (what's up dev peeps?)


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# by on 09/24/04 at 03:12:41

whenever I try to use this, after I type in everything, it won't send...

# by Reikon on 09/24/04 at 04:05:56

try /annoy{Blah,1,3} it works perfectly for me. 5/5

# by on 09/27/04 at 06:59:11

ye it wont send after i do all the right things....even after i came beck here to find out what i was ment to write lol. but yes, still not really working

# by on 09/28/04 at 01:45:21

me too! it wont work

# by on 10/03/04 at 08:10:57

It wouldn't work for me either. Nor my friend.

# by on 10/22/04 at 06:40:47

yup, it no worky for me.

# by andres on 11/10/04 at 01:59:07

it doesn't work for me either

# by on 12/22/04 at 00:18:38

It worked, but it crashed Adium and gave me all kinds of error signs from AIM. Though I am happy to say I left the person at the other end very confused.

# by Gilchrist Sanders on 01/02/05 at 07:39:11

yeah i hope you can fix it because it's a big problem

# by Josh on 01/17/05 at 00:20:28

man, great app! since I am a very gullible person and am bad at pulling pranks, this is a great way to finally even the score!

By crashing their computers when there doing homework! w00t!

# by on 03/22/05 at 17:22:49

Doesn't work, that sucks!

# by GCK on 04/26/05 at 18:27:36

doesn't work.

# by on 07/07/05 at 21:10:16

it seems to only display the messages you sent after they have all been sent for some reason...

# by google636 on 10/10/05 at 18:16:10

logolas, AIM only allows a certain amount of messages per minute. If you exceed that amount, It won't let you IM for a short while.

# by EVPohovich on 03/08/06 at 19:37:57

Don't use parenthesis, use works that way. {send,10,10}

# by Corny on 06/04/06 at 18:51:26

haha, funny. I tested it with two conversations. I wanted to annoy person A - person B was annoyed.
So I typed the command to person B - person B was annoyed.
I tried to set them in different windows - no effect...

# by lolamione on 06/23/06 at 17:03:04

Hah I guess if you truly wanted to annoy some idiot, it would work out wonderfully :D Great script when you need it.

# by enkuturi-akrias on 01/11/07 at 00:23:23

/annoy{i love this,1,10000000000}

# by enkuturi-akrias on 01/11/07 at 00:24:16

it works for me, no problem here, good work

# by sdh on 05/22/07 at 07:06:27

the only problems i have with this is that it don't send the spam to the selected chat if i have multiple tabs open, it tends to send it to the tab most to the left i think.
the other problem is that i usually get blocked when spaming a dude at work, hehe. but i want to take away his freedom to end my spam and further annoy him. so here's a request; could you please include a script for auto log in and out? this way he gets a message that i've logged in even if he has blocked me!

# by Ermandol15 on 03/08/13 at 17:54:20

Hey thanks for this fantastic article post

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Reikon helped somewhat with nailing down some script issues, but he is far too humble and doesn't want to be mentioned in the description. ;) he's cool as hell!