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Profanity filter - formerly Carlin's 7 words

Profanity filter - formerly Carlin's 7 words

Submitted By Jay Patteson (ipi37)


Do you ever need to tone down your conversations with people?
Have you ever mistakenly been talking to a child with your foul mouth?

Well here is the solution to your lack of tact!

With this amazing new script, you can have the bad word out and be verbally warned when you say one of a list of words which I deem to be bad.



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# by on 09/24/04 at 01:07:25

Awesome! This is a profanity filter!

# by Jesper on 09/24/04 at 06:40:38

He-heh, cool script.
Now, how do I go about setting it up to randomly add those 7 words to my communications so I don't have to bother?... ;)...

# by infinity on 09/24/04 at 17:00:14

It would be cool also if it could block incoming bad words.

# by on 09/24/04 at 17:30:18


Unfortunately I don't believe that it is possible to block incoming words with a script. Since scripts are called by sending an IM, not by receiving one. :( Sorry.

If I am wrong, please enlighten me. :)


# by on 09/25/04 at 03:01:32

Yeah, I really wish it would work for incoming messages, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how you could possibly do it, and what thing you would have to use, but I can't think of any way to do it.

# by Reikon on 09/25/04 at 17:18:17

I think it's possible seeing as colloquy did just has to be put in the Adium code i think, and then into the applescript library. Otherwise this script owns!

# by on 09/30/04 at 01:12:17

# by dhjfkadk on 09/30/04 at 01:13:05

how do u take out this scripts its pissing me of but works good

# by Anonymous on 09/30/04 at 22:41:40

# by on 09/30/04 at 22:44:41


navigate in finder to ~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Scripts/

Remove the script that is pissing you off...



p.s. ~/ is the home directory for your user account.

# by kap on 10/19/04 at 06:56:45

Some sort of script that would let you replace teh with the and etc would be pretty useful, like what comes with gaim. Of course, being able to edit it on the fly would make it more useful..

# by Anonymous on 10/24/04 at 20:24:44

i hate this thing- Every time I say hello to someone it comes out as o. how can i turn it off? Oh-- i see

# by Anonymous on 10/24/04 at 20:25:20

i mean filtered o

# by Reikon on 10/26/04 at 09:49:04

use hi

# by zaudragon on 12/21/04 at 06:35:24

or maybe "hey" or "good morning/afternoon/evening/night" or even "??????" lol

# by Jenkins on 01/02/05 at 17:58:06

To prevent it from filtering words like hello, modify the script so that it searches for "hell ", "hell.", etc.

# by on 04/04/05 at 05:31:01

Would be nice if it were simpler and less broad. Such as,

%_profanity(%_track) would censor only that which shows up in the %track return. Then, of course disable the noises. This means that anyone can discretely filter say their display name, which their nieces and nephews are looking at.

# by AfricaRepublican on 12/16/05 at 19:42:14

Is there anyway to turn off the filter when you aren't speaking to a child or someone else? What if there are instances in which profanities are necessary?

If that's not possible, how do I delete scripts?

# by AfricaRepublican on 12/16/05 at 19:44:32

Nevermind, I figured out how to delete it by reading all of the comments . . . should've tried that to begin with.


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