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Submitted By tabledrummer


Pixel Service Icons

I have updated the theme with the recently added services Adium 1.4 offers. (Twitter, IRC and Laconica).

Regarding your requests: I might make a .mac icon in a few days. Never really used it but will look into it.

Enjoy this fine set of service icons


This is my first service icons theme I made for Adium.
First of all:
Credits go out to fissure for making a great pixel version for service icons and Sam for the Up2Date Aqua 3.8 icons, which I have inluded here (make a perfect match if you use Growl). Thanks.

Due to the requests and my own usage (facebook and skype) I have used his idea to re-make this theme and add all the missing icons, along with Skype, X-Fire and Facebook, etc.

Let me know what you think of it.

I used a different font. It is intended for black background (I use the Adium HUD skin).
Maybe I will make a white version soon. Depends on the requests.

Enjoy the theme...


Added support for twitter, IRC and Laconica



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# by ghettochild on 02/07/09 at 02:37:21

Awesome, I really like it. However, I miss an icon for .mac. Many of the people on my contact list have .mac handles.

# by MrDillon on 04/27/09 at 13:18:00

I agree, too bad there's no .mac icon. I won't use it for that reason but really nice work ! Hope there will be an update !

# by MobileMii on 08/19/09 at 15:00:24

I miss the twittah icon... I have no problems with .mac, cause I have no friends with .mac... AND if I has friends with .mac... YOU HAVE TO USE MOBILEMII... eh, MobileMe...

# by naesung on 11/23/09 at 06:15:38

I did a little mini-pixel moving to make my own entry for NateON.... if anyone wants it let me know. I went with "nto" as the abbrev.

# by trimethylxanthine on 12/07/09 at 00:14:37

Thanks, I really liked it.Trying to make my contact list look something similar to terminal. :)

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