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Submitted By Justin Williams (justinrw)


Display the current track you are playing in Puck's script was using the older API so I updated it to the new one to get the current track instead of just the last track that ended. I removed the 'time since' part of the script to make it work like the iTunes style status system.

Put the following in your name, status message or message:


You can change the text easily by doing the following:

Go to "Users/'your mac username'/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Scripts/"
Rightclick on "Lastfm.AdiumScripts" select "Show Package Contents"
Go to "Contents/Recources/"
Open "Lastfm.scpt" (doubleclick)
Find the line starting with "set info" and change it to how you like it
Save the AppleScript
Restart Adium!

I'm not responsible for anything that could affect you or your computer when using this script.


Version 0.4

couple of bug fixes to make it work a little better with fetching the info locally. still not perfect by any means but as good as I think I'm going to get. I really don't use any more now that Pandora is sort of available for mac now using adobe air. Anyone is welcome to use the code for their own as long as you keep all the comments in the file.

Version 0.3

added - Completely removed fetching now, it is now getting it all locally. The upside is it doesn't have to keep fetching for song info from the web, the downside is their logging locally doesn't seem to show if a current track is playing or not so it'll currently always show whatever the last track was. I'm still trying to decide which is the best way to reset the status when you stop playing.

update - Be aware with the new changes, the status command has changed. It is now %_lastfm instead of %_lastfmtrack and you no longer need the username and the delay.

Version 0.2

added - Status resets to blank after stopping for awhile similar to iTunes mode
updated - Fetch code from to not hammer them as bad. A delay set to 3 or more is recommended


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# by berror on 01/06/09 at 15:41:54

The script doesn't seem to work for the last few days. Too bad cause I really liked it.
Does it have something to do with the plugin, or is it that changed something?

# by justinrw on 01/06/09 at 19:08:21

I think I broke it with the new fetch code, I should have a fix for it by tomorrow. Just been crazy at work post-holidays.

# by justinrw on 01/10/09 at 08:13:27

still not sure what is going on. it tests fine as an applescript, but just explodes when activated in adium.

# by justinrw on 01/10/09 at 17:28:43

still no luck so far, I even went ahead and changed it over to run just locally so it doesn't even fetch anything now and still no luck. went back to an old working version and it doesn't work either so I think there is something weird going on with adium. even started a new preference folder and still doesn't work.

# by DVSwede on 02/11/09 at 18:28:35

Any luck fixing this?

# by DVSwede on 02/11/09 at 18:28:23

Any updated to this? I would love to use this add-on as it's stays more current then the other one.

# by norz on 04/12/09 at 12:30:35

Where does is the current track taken from? From the official client?
I'm using several different apps to scrobble (iTunes, Spotify, foobar2000, iScrobbler), so I'd like to display the same track that is displayed on my profile, is that possible?

# by norz on 04/12/09 at 12:54:02

# by justinrw on 04/29/09 at 08:28:40

i'm not sure about some of those but playing songs in itunes still updates the client so it will still work looking at the local files.

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