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Submitted By Yoav Weiss (czarlimit)


Trash AdiumScript
coded by CzarLimit

What Is It?
This script will empty your System Trash.

Why Do I Need This?
This script is for lazy people. I find it very useful when installing AdiumXtras. Lets say I download an Xtra, install it, Adium is selected, I test it out, I want to keep it. I am too lazy to move the mouse to the trash, right-click and empty. I go into a message window and type in "/trash" and its emptied for me.

How to Install
It's quite simple. Download "Trash.AdiumScripts" from the AdiumXtras website. Double click on "" to unpack the script. Inside the folder is this read-me and the script. Double click on the script to install. Note: You must have Adium 0.60 for this script to work!

How to Use
Even more simple. Just type in:



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# by tim on 09/06/04 at 20:24:58

Shift+command+delete is a nice keyboard shortcut to remember.

# by czarlimit on 09/06/04 at 20:39:23

but you're selected on Adium. Sure you can command tab to the Finder and then shift command delete, or shift option command delete. but remember - this is for lazy people. :-)

# by BlueRevolution on 09/06/04 at 21:37:17

so... lazy people are quite willing to open an Adium window type in /trash? Sorry, but I'm not THAT lazy ;)

# by czarlimit on 09/06/04 at 23:16:45

assuming you have an open conversation. this script was written for my own personal use moderating xtras, and proved to be useful to me. do with it what you will.

# by CzarDerivative on 09/07/04 at 00:35:56

i sooo don't see the point of this.. but whatever

# by Anonymous on 09/08/04 at 02:17:26

Wow. Laziness has reached a new high. Or is it a new low? I'm too lazy to decide.

# by on 09/09/04 at 01:04:42

Could you please copy the code you used to make this and email it to me please? I am very confused as to how to make one work w/ adium and i think the simple script would help me to learn-I already know how to make one to empty the trash tell finder empty trash end tell but i cant incorporate it- if u helped me i could figure out how to make other scripts i have written work. Thanks in advance!

# by on 09/21/04 at 18:24:01

Or even Option-Apple-Command-Delete. But even still, the more ways to eliminate crap from your hard drive, the better, right?

# by Bill on 02/14/05 at 09:52:10

How do u hold down both the Apple and Command keys if they are the same key? =P

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Last Updated: 09/06/04