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Submitted By abrenecki


Created from scratch, but based upon 1337. Designed to be very very simple, and highlight incoming messages. My first message style. It's ultra-minimalist, and should be easy to customise.

You will be able to use the style in the first screenshot without touching the Terminal.

NEW! Python custom substyle creator. Select Download, not Install, to use the substyle creator.
How to use: Let's say you unzipped the archive to a folder called bare1337 in your Home folder.
Tip:Terminal is in the Utilities folder in Applications, or you can type Terminal in Spotlight.

  1. Open Terminal and type this and press Return:
    cd ~/bare1337
  2. Then type this and press Return:
  3. Use the window that opens in Safari to create your custom substyle.
  4. Paste the code Safari gives you into the Terminal window, and if nothing happens press Return.
  5. You'll be asked to give your substyle a name, press Return after typing this too.
  6. Adium will then be restarted, and the substyle will be usable.

Tested with Adium X 1.3b7 on Mac OS X 10.5.3. Use at your own risk.

Tip: To remove a substyle, open Terminal and type rm "~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Message Styles/Bare1337.adiumMessageStyle/Resources/Variants/Variant Name.css", replacing the variant name.

By Adam Brenecki - License: CC BY-NC-SA

The JavaScript colour picker is not mine. If you own it, please let me know - there is no author or license info in the source code, although i could've sworn it was 3-clause BSD.


v1.0 Added substyle creator.



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# by miseryantics on 07/19/08 at 19:05:22

Wow, i like this, PLEASE make some more funky variants for this, don't get me wrong i love the colours here, but everybody loves choice! :D

Great message style... i gave it 5 little green ducks! :D

# by abrenecki on 07/23/08 at 08:46:31

You can now select any colours you want.

# by abrenecki on 07/20/08 at 02:00:11

I am currently in the final stages of developing a javascript/python thingy to create custom substyles. You'll be able to pick whatever colours you want!

# by abrenecki on 07/20/08 at 02:33:42

There, it's up. Enjoy!

# by mathuaerknedam on 07/22/08 at 16:03:52

This is just a note to point out that since your comment wasn't a direct reply comment to miseryantics, he/she didn't receive email notification. :)

# by miseryantics on 07/24/08 at 06:09:38

Luckily i checked it anyway! :D

Thanks a lot abrenecki :) Perfect :D

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4.00 / 21 votes
Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 07/20/08
Idea based on Ayumi Yonosa's 1337 style.