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Facebook Message Style

Facebook Message Style

Submitted By Aqueous


Using the native Facebook chat, I decided to have a little fun and make a message style out of it. Now, the style itself isn't my favorite, but I figured I would make it just for fun, and maybe some users out there will like it.

Native Facebook style
Contact list with matching status icons and layout
Optional header

Current bugs/limitations:
Buddy icon in header is distorted (Facebook icons only)
current status cannot be displayed in header (Adium limitation)


Changed timestamp to adhere to the user's preferences
Added additional variant - No Icons

Tweaked colors to match updated facebook site
Now supports custom backgrounds
Default background is a light grey, which matches facebook's

Fixed initial messages appearing too low. Prior fix only worked for certain users.


Tweaked the "Away" status icon
Fixed issue with initial message being too low


Added new "Away" status icon, which is easier to identify from users being offline.
Minor graphical tweaks

1.0 - Initial Release



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# by MacPB on 07/14/08 at 19:13:49

I love clean themes, so I love it. Good job!

# by dcentity2000 on 07/14/08 at 19:34:29


# by miseryantics on 07/15/08 at 15:31:40

For once i have no problems at all with this style. Looks great, so thank you! No need to say much more! :D

# by mistermagooey on 01/29/10 at 03:19:46

What I dislike is how, if someone sends you 5 messages, you only seethe time they sent the FIRST one. The other 4 do NOT have time tags. Why?
minimal_mod sent out a fixed version of their theme, where each message is tagged with the time. Will this facebook theme also update it to have proper time tags?

# by fo0tprintz on 07/18/08 at 23:25:42

this is a great style. very clean.

one item of feedback -- can you make a distinction between the offline and busy indicator? many of my friends leave up a "busy" status message but chat anyway. i need to know the difference between that and if they're online.

# by Aqueous on 07/19/08 at 00:01:31

Yea, I had planned on updating the status icons a bit. I had a feeling the away/offline status would cause conflict.

# by fo0tprintz on 07/21/08 at 19:16:25

awesome. thanks for the quick update!

# by benjamindaines on 07/28/08 at 21:50:11

With Adium 1.3 (running beta right now) messages are cut off like this rather than how they are supposed to show up (as pictured on this page).

Please fix, thanks!

# by benjamindaines on 07/28/08 at 21:50:28

# by benjamindaines on 07/28/08 at 21:51:40

Damn, copied the wrong link... that is the correct way. This is the issue:

# by Aqueous on 07/29/08 at 02:40:49

Yea, I was actually aware of this bug. I tried messing with it, but it may be something to do with the current Webkit. Some message styles for Adium do this, others don't.

This problem does disappear after the message begins to scroll. That is, once enough messages are sent/received, it scrolls normally. I'll see what I can do though. Thanks for telling me though, I had a feeling it didn't bug people that much.

# by Aqueous on 08/07/08 at 04:10:21

The current update should now fix that issue.

# by mathuaerknedam on 08/08/08 at 00:12:17

I still see the problem with the version I downloaded today. Typically the way this is handled (in the styles that work :) is by including body { margin: 0px } and #Chat { padding: 8px }. When I added this to the version I downloaded and it fixed the issue for me.

# by Aqueous on 08/08/08 at 00:45:13

I just downloaded the version off of this site, and I don't get the problem at all. Just curious, what version of OS X are you running? We could be experiencing a bug with the WebKit versions.

# by mathuaerknedam on 08/08/08 at 01:45:11

I can't down it now because it's disabled. Probably because you've uploaded a new one but it's not yet been approved? If so, then yeah, it's probably fixed.

I've run into this problem before. I'll reply to a comment before the update has been approved, and then users can't download it. It isn't usually a problem because pending xtras aren't listed on the site. However, the page still exists, so when you click the email comment notification link you go the the page, see that you need to download the new version, and then get the error. Both Facebook and Simply Smooth were listed earlier, but now I don't seem then on the recent messagestyles page.

Oh, and as for your actual question, I'm running 10.5.4. It's actually an Adium bug whose fix has been held up for a variety of reasons (including that it breaks 4 years of workarounds).

# by Aqueous on 08/08/08 at 01:55:10

I've just uploaded new versions of Simply Smooth and Facebook. You seem to know your stuff about CSS. I know very little, so maybe you can take my Xtras under your wing? Jk. I seem to be doing a lot of updating so that might piss off the users. Oops! Hopefully I'll have these message styles fixed for good.

# by jblasko1239 on 08/12/08 at 00:00:20

I love the theme, however I am having some issues with the time stamp. I am on version 1.3b11 and the am/pm portion of the time is showing up as %. Thanks!

# by Aqueous on 08/12/08 at 01:07:15

Thanks for the heads up. I checked out the version history of 1.3b11 and there is a change for time stamps. I'll check it out and hopefully have a fix out in a few days.

# by Aqueous on 08/14/08 at 21:14:58

Just a quick update, I have fixed the time stamp, and a new update will be uploaded soon.

# by Aqueous on 08/15/08 at 00:52:09

Actually, I take that back. It appears to be a bug in the current beta 1.3b11 and is in the process of being fixed. Therefore, the current version of this message style still stands.

# by Aqueous on 08/12/08 at 01:06:48

Thanks for the heads up. I checked out the version history of 1.3b11 and there is a change for time stamps. I'll check it out and hopefully have a fix out in a few days.

# by atheos on 09/30/08 at 15:43:23

Time stamps are still broken. I use a 24-hour clock but I still get am/pm. I fixed that myself by removing the %p definition from the html files inside the package but I hope there will be an official fix too.

# by Aqueous on 09/30/08 at 19:22:28

I skimmed through some of the code, and I have changed it to where it will conform to your default (or any user's) settings. I was trying to copy facebook's layout to the "T", although this is a minor issue I figured I would make it changeable upon someone else's preferences. I won't release the update just yet because it' such a small detail. I plan on updating a few graphics too, which it should be out in the next week or so (though I don't want to make any promises). Thanks for letting me know though, I really appreciate it.

# by Nemesis19 on 03/27/10 at 18:38:49

Dear Aqueous,
could you release a version of the message style extra with a bit more padding before and after the chat paragraph so to have more distance between messages (and profile pic) and separating lines?
To let you understand better you can check this image that could explain:

thank you in any case

# by eexit on 07/25/11 at 21:44:45

Nice theme but it'd be great to hide the scrollbar as other themes do sometime. Just saying ;-)

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