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Eve Wall-E

Eve Wall-E

Submitted By Wima cod (Wimacod)


A pack of seven icon for Adium.



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# by Kitty on 07/09/08 at 21:10:35

Great icon! Are you doing Wall-E too? :)

# by Wimacod on 07/09/08 at 21:18:30

No sorry ! Thank You !

# by dcentity2000 on 07/09/08 at 21:41:02

Love it!

# by vonKarma on 07/09/08 at 22:01:25

That's fantastic! I love it!!

# by jhonbob3 on 07/10/08 at 16:04:21

Very nice. I would recommend using Eve's 'hibernation' mode for the offline state. It's where she just looks like a single pod with no separate head or arm appendages. Nice work either way.

# by lctkw on 10/07/08 at 02:22:09

i second this! if it's ever updated to reflect the hibernation mode, i'm changing my icon straightaway!

# by joshladella005 on 08/18/08 at 04:40:44

you have a nice looking dock too...where can i find that?

also, what are the rubber ducky and newspaper icons for?

# by confirmanddeny on 08/21/08 at 03:08:25

I love this! If you do a Wall-E one, I'd be thrilled!

# by Stephanie on 08/21/08 at 15:26:02

I love it, thank a lot!!^^

# by imennow on 09/01/08 at 19:03:07

haha nice

# by basiolum on 09/08/08 at 19:40:43

Sooo cute! I've never even seen the movie and I love this icon set! :D Makes me happy.

# by joeld on 03/01/09 at 08:37:49

Amazing Icon, Instant Favorite.

If I can make some suggestions, my personal opinion only.

- The icon is sligtly small in comparison to the regular icon height.
- The invisible icon transparency doesnt make much sense to me, but even still, it should have eves eyes lit up as it is actually connected.
- Invisible mode could be better represented (Semi Transparent dock icons isnt an apple standard).

Good luck, and I hope you can continue to improve this amazing icon.

# by richardlaw88 on 03/14/10 at 16:00:09

nice and Thanks

# by joze182 on 10/21/11 at 07:36:58

i like it

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