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El Presidente!

El Presidente!

Submitted By Tovarizzle


I'm not entirely sure why I made this iconset, but it just sounded like a good idea at the time. I just made the cute little Presidente Duck, and decided to use the standard Adium animations, seeing as how I didn't have any better ideas for idle and away. The name was a tossup between "El Presidente!" and "Fidel Pato", but I figured that the second one might be a little obscure :-p

Most of all, Enjoy!

Update: Due to school and other factors, I'm not planning on updating this iconset myself. If anybody would like to continue editing and improving this icon on their own, I invite them to do so. As such, please consider the images, code, and other associated files open to all for editing and re-posting, re-doing, reusing and rampant theiving. Thanks!



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# by Crazycole2001 on 08/16/04 at 22:47:00

That is... classic!

# by Crazycole2001 on 08/17/04 at 00:34:45

maybe for away and idle, have the signs be in spanish

# by danielgrenell on 08/17/04 at 03:25:55

haha, signs in spanish is a good idea. also, this is so great, i'd like to see an entire line of dictator adiumys! anyone want to do mao?

# by on 08/17/04 at 05:24:57

I call the Soviets! I'll look into the spanish, good idea!

# by ascarinthesky510 on 08/17/04 at 13:17:04

this rocks so much. this is my icon, no more changes anymore for me.

# by on 08/18/04 at 11:11:23

George Bush Jr.! :D (sry all americans that like him :P)

# by on 08/18/04 at 11:13:42

G?ran Persson.

# by on 09/11/04 at 22:33:51

Saparmurat Niyazov

# by on 10/15/04 at 20:16:24

Very nice icon! That's the one I use, principally because I live in Cuba, so no better way to greet Fidel :)

# by on 10/15/04 at 21:49:08

carlos, you live in cuba? i have family there. btw, this icon is hilarious. You should have had him in front of a podium though...and flapping one arm as if to conjure the crowd when receiving an IM.

# by on 01/31/05 at 01:25:21

It would be cool if for the away/idle if he had a cigar in his mouth

# by enkuturi-akrias on 02/10/07 at 21:20:01

genial :P

# by rezzo on 09/15/09 at 19:32:24

More stats please, very nice icon =)

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