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Submitted By Costantino Montanari (thecrash74)


This set is inspired on one of the best platform games of all time ...



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# by Anarco on 02/19/08 at 12:38:27

Very nice and so fun !

# by thecrash74 on 02/27/08 at 14:07:35

Many thanks guy

# by jyaltma on 02/19/08 at 17:54:34

awesome... can you make this into a dock icon too? that'd be way awesome.

# by thecrash74 on 02/27/08 at 14:10:33

yes i can do it ... is a good idea!

# by Spookster on 05/30/08 at 07:14:54

+1 for dock icon request! ^_^

# by kodora1316 on 02/26/08 at 22:49:57

very awesome! i like this one a lot :)

# by thecrash74 on 02/27/08 at 14:11:00

Many thanks guy

# by Outatime on 05/13/08 at 06:45:07


# by baRRy on 07/10/08 at 16:08:45

oh baby thats nice

# by nan on 01/02/09 at 18:33:30

Great! Can you make a black and white version too?

# by thecrash74 on 01/03/09 at 16:52:06

good idea ... thanks guy

# by ck_nip on 01/08/09 at 03:12:36

thanks so much for this funny thing~

# by thecrash74 on 01/08/09 at 06:21:44

De nada ... thanks

# by Dachaz on 01/15/09 at 22:56:25

I absolutely adore this!

# by thecrash74 on 01/16/09 at 20:12:09

thanks man!!!!!!!!

# by half-a-hero on 10/08/10 at 00:07:42

hey, i've got a question concerning the positioning of the mushroom: it looks as if the small mushroom could be moved one more pixel to the top, since right now it seems to be "sitting" on the lower line of the menu bar, but there are two pixels of free space above it! could you fix this? other than that, it's a great set!

# by half-a-hero on 10/08/10 at 16:05:03

fixed it myself ;)

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