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Pownce Note Grabber

Pownce Note Grabber

Submitted By Russell Cheung (russellc)


Like the Twitter script, this grabs the latest public post by any Pownce user. The script caches the data for 10 minutes before polling the Pownce server again. Currently, that time delay is not changeable, but one is able to manually clear the cache and get new data. It will also spit out a readable error message if you get an error from the Pownce server.

%_Pownce{username} (for use in own display name)
%_Pownce{clear cache} (to clear the cache)

If there are any problems or feature requests, do not hesitate to let me know as I created this quickly. Through the testing, though, it does not appear to have any problems.

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9.56kb (104 downloads)

3.70 / 3 votes
Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 11/25/07
Jase for testing (big whoop :-) )