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iChat Revisited +

iChat Revisited +

Submitted By B O (enkuturi-akrias)


An elegant expansion of the iChat's default emoticons, which integrate nicely in OS X interface and have been carefully designed with compatibility between IM services in mind.

This emoticon set contains lots of smileys, all of them in the same modern and elegant design:
• All iChat smileys
• All common MSN smileys matching the iChat style
• All MSN emoticons from the latest Windows Live MSN 2010
• Most used smileys from almost every chat platform (most used in Windows platform, internet in general and forums, such as o_o, xD, ^^, *_*, ¬¬, :3, etc…)

As the original MSN emoticons are so '90s, every emoticon has been retouched and improved:
• Improved quality.
• Manually de-pixelated (yup, I improved them one by one, pixel by pixel, to make them look properly).
• Better colors and degrades.
• Alpha transparency in ALL smileys and in most of the MSN icons.

This emoticon set will bring you the BEST quality Windows Messenger icons, containing absolutely all of the Windows Live MSN defaults, and some others that no other Adium Xtra has. The point of this Xtra is using this emoticon set, and then naturally watch as all text based smileys become pretty well-designed iChat-ish emoticons :)

Feel free to comment, yell, discuss, congrat, request or everything. Seriously guys, this is awesome :) I have been working on this a lot to improve those old 8-bit style MSN icons, and now most of them look great!


Even moar changes:
• Enhanced some alpha transparency and improved quality.
• Added lots of variant, fixed some others.
• Code tweaks (yep, again)
• Improvement of some old images.
• Update of some code, again.
• New emoticons!


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# by Brutal on 11/10/07 at 10:26:22


# by dcentity2000 on 03/12/09 at 21:29:38

Nice one :)

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