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Sod Say 3.0! (NEW)

Sod Say 3.0! (NEW)

Submitted By keith hoerling (khoerling)


The cult classic IRC figure, Sod, is back for retribution on Adium.

Sod Say trumps Aol Say, mirroring the colorfully humorous, personal diction quipped by ...the man ...the myth ...the legend Sod, himself.

SodSay 3.0 adds 55 new Sodisms, fixes the /s problem, and provides additional ease-of-use features outlined below.

( Usage )
Serve: /sodsay or /sod
Front: /sv

( Sightings )
We will post documented usage of our script right here. Make yourself famous!

Iccy is the man. [Spymac Forums]


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# by on 07/26/04 at 21:46:36


# by on 07/26/04 at 23:24:03

super weird, not worth running twice, deleted at once. Sick sense of humor.

# by mnkeybsness on 07/27/04 at 01:53:55

I'm not downloading this until there is an actual description of what it does.

# by Bad Burger on 07/27/04 at 21:19:18

It's really funny, even hours later!

# by on 07/28/04 at 05:22:37

Classic IRC-flavor quotes. sod.bx goodness brought to the future via Adium. Dood B, you can't park here.

# by on 07/28/04 at 05:24:27

wow...this is HILARIOUS!

# by frod on 07/28/04 at 05:39:11

man i can't believe i know and met the guy who originated all of these lines.

# by turk on 07/28/04 at 09:49:46

best shiz in the west of uranus

# by Nooon on 07/28/04 at 17:42:35 what does it do?

# by on 07/28/04 at 20:06:49

makes you breakfast in the morning...

actually a better question is, What doesn't it do?

# by on 08/01/04 at 16:05:09

Aye, I also would like to know more about what exactly it does. It seems that those of us who don't know this "Sod" and haven't used version 1.0 are left a bit in the dark. I'll guess that it outputs random quotes from a person called "Sod," but could anyone elaborate on this at all?

# by macaddct1984 on 08/01/04 at 16:39:57

Hmm... there should have been carriage returns in there...

# by mir on 08/03/04 at 07:53:27

first thing i loaded on my powerbook after adium. I

# by anubis on 08/04/04 at 06:50:47

only problem- if you post a link that includes "/s" in it, it puts a sod-saying into the middle of the link.

# by on 08/04/04 at 09:06:04

I'll fix the "/s" problem with the next version--thanks!


# by Reikon on 08/07/04 at 18:41:01

yeah make it %_s

# by khoerling on 08/15/04 at 10:29:01

Keep your eyes peeled for version 3.o of the greatest apple script ever written!


# by Anonymous on 08/17/04 at 14:30:03

It's not new anymore.

# by on 08/25/04 at 04:49:14

who the hell is sod???

# by BennyG on 08/27/04 at 14:09:24

Any idea on how to remove the /s part? Sometimes if I'm being a good typer and write something like "blahblah music/song blahblahblah." I get a big old SodSay in the middle of my sentence! That is THE ONLY reason I removed the script.

# by on 08/29/04 at 00:52:37

sod is a cult classic irc figure being myself if you'd like to speak directly to me my aim is thefatcheetah I am known by many names that have 'sod' in them. Been in the game since like 95 mutha fuckaz

# by Billy the Kid on 08/30/04 at 00:05:13

WTF!? I can't even understand most of this crap, and the stuff I would be able to understand, I still can't because there are so many spelling errors. In other words, I should've listened to Tim.

# by Jackinthebox on 09/02/04 at 22:33:47


# by on 09/03/04 at 23:24:23

how can i delete this? its funny but i hate that it messes up links :/

# by khoerling on 09/07/04 at 05:19:59

Please grab version 3.o as the link problem has been fixed!


# by on 09/07/04 at 15:16:41


# by on 09/08/04 at 04:49:50

By far the most worthwhile download for adium available.

Sodsay has just been benchmarked on my new G5 PowerMac at over 47 Gigaflops per second. An amazing achievement for the Sodsay team.

Sodsay has been proven in numerous studies to the THE FASTEST most efficient, and well structured way to violate j00 termms of zervice.

Thank you Sodsay.

I love you.

# by on 09/08/04 at 06:08:07

EVILD DIDNT WANNA HIZELP CUZ HES A FAG DAMNNNNNN I SEEZ HOW IT BEEZ SUH DOOD NATG BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!... all i can say is dont hate the playa, hate the game!

# by on 09/08/04 at 17:35:19

Hello this is the Real SOD. I would like to let people know that the next version is going to have 100 more sodisms added in and we're goin to go diss/oldskewl/kickin it fer realz.

# by on 09/09/04 at 23:23:20

yo gayson man...we on and packeting baby!

# by khoerling on 09/11/04 at 08:16:45

it's the best apple script EVAR!

# by on 10/09/04 at 09:21:46

How do I remove the old one so I don't have the /s problem?

# by khoerling on 10/11/04 at 05:44:23

Remove it from your Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Scripts directory.


# by on 12/22/04 at 17:47:03

you rock

# by on 01/03/05 at 19:58:35

wow, didnt think i would find everyone from #714 in the comments section :)

# by on 04/06/05 at 23:01:55

uNF uNF.

# by Ringo on 06/19/05 at 17:43:02

I set an action in Adium to reply with /sod to any message sent by some people who annoy me. Better than blocking!

# by Dylan1077 on 10/08/05 at 20:59:59

What in the world is a "cult classic irc figure"? Some one please write out some sort of description directed towards the person who has never heard of this 'Sod' person.

'Sod Say trumps Aol Say, mirroring the colorfully humorous, personal diction quipped by ...the man ...the myth ...the legend Sod, himself.' -- WHAT?????

# by jack90 on 07/09/14 at 15:31:07

vizag beach photos

# by jack90 on 07/09/14 at 15:37:25

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