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Submitted By Jeffrey (itthe)


Returns the number of weeks, days, hours, and minutes until a specified time. It works well in away messages, for example: "I'll be away for %_countdown{11:30 pm}" displays that you'll be away for the amount of time until 11:30 pm.

There are various ways to enter the time being counted down to. The following are some format examples that should work for most people:

%_countdown{June 1, 2050 10:00 pm}
%_countdown{6/1/2050 10:00 pm}
%_countdown{11:05 pm} returns the time until 11:05 pm today
%_countdown{December 1, 2050} returns the time until December 1, 2050 at 12:00 am
%_countdown{6/1/2050} returns the time until 12:00 am of this day

If they don't work (if you are running Snow Leopard or higher), they have to use the same format as what you've set in your System Preferences under "Language & Text." The easiest way to check if a format works is to send it in an IM to a friend (or to yourself if you have your own screen name on your buddy list). If it returns "some time" it's not happy with your format.

If you try this out, it would be great if you came back and rated it to let other people know whether it's worth using. Comments are great too.


v 0.3 (May 31, 2008)
- Time in the past is represented with negative time e.g. "negative 1 day and 5 minutes"

v 0.2 (June 6, 2007)
- Fixed the 'minutes' counter so it is no longer off by one minute
- Now only non-zero units of time are displayed


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# by cmax34 on 08/31/07 at 10:47:48

simply cool

# by UFO64 on 09/10/07 at 16:05:40

I seem to get malformed code when i use the script. Eg:

"57 °F minutes" is what is spat out. Odd

# by cady on 03/22/08 at 20:44:02

mine is still off by one minute. whatever still great. 5stars

# by itthe on 04/30/08 at 21:46:34

Adium refreshes away message scripts every 20-30 seconds, so it will hopefully never be off by more than half a minute.

# by cowgomoo on 07/09/08 at 03:06:51

Can't get it to show up in the scripts menu. No idea why...

# by itthe on 07/13/08 at 03:03:52

It should be under Edit-->Insert Script. Is this the menu you are referring to?

# by choubri on 10/01/08 at 16:03:00

Hi guy!! I've translate your script in french. If you're interested contact me.

# by wildpat3691 on 08/21/09 at 18:37:16

Just saw your post. I am interested. How would I do that

# by carbone2 on 11/16/08 at 09:01:31

I'm French.Où le voit-on ?

# by carbone2 on 11/18/08 at 16:18:18

How alumer Countdown?(I'm French)

# by Queue on 04/02/09 at 18:31:15

I'm getting a problem with this xtra and my gchat (Gmail's IM thing) contacts in that it sends the updated away message every minute when it updates... Highly unfortunate

# by itthe on 04/02/09 at 18:45:35

GTalk posts your status message in the other person's chat window every time it is changed, whether manually or by a script. Unfortunately, this cannot be altered from your end. I generally change my status to a non-script status message when I actually begin a GTalk conversation with someone.

# by wildpat3691 on 08/21/09 at 18:35:44

I love it, but I like it to be able to translate a few little things to french. How would I do that?

# by choubri on 01/13/10 at 23:33:47

Hi Guys. My translation of this script is stored at this place :
Right-Click on Countdown.AdiumScripts and click "download"
This is not the last version of the script.
Salut à tous! Je viens de mettre en ligne ma traduction du script à l'adresse :
Faites un clique droit sur Countdown.AdiumScripts et cliquez sur "télécharger le fichier lié"
Par contre je tiens à vous prévenir que ce n'est pas la dernière version du script.
Si vous souhaitez traduire la version actuelle, cliquez sur le lien "Download" en haut de cette page. Ensuite faites clique-droit => afficher le contenu du paquet => contents => ressources et ouvrez le fichier avec AppleScript ou Xcode.
Bon courage

# by chojiro on 09/19/10 at 02:52:16

Hi! I tried this, and it works nicely. However, would it be possible to make this work with nicknames too? I realize it might be spammy to some people, but given it only changes in a day if you apply d to %_cdformat, it shouldn't spam too many histories containing nickname and status changes, but the fact it already works with status would be the same. Thanks. I'd just like to have a countdown in my name so it stays there, even if my status changes if possible.

# by soulcurrent on 05/11/11 at 21:05:18

I would love this, but I can't seem to get it to work. :-/

# by josta on 10/12/11 at 23:32:54

Hi! I love this idea! The only thing is, my count down is a whole day ahead. I have %_countdown{October 13, 2011, 10pm} and it's showing up as 8 hours away. Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks!

# by itthe on 10/13/11 at 06:29:59

Thanks for pointing this out. In Snow Leopard, Apple changed the way dates are handled; they now have to be entered in the same format as set in your System Preferences. I updated the format examples at the top with ones that work both on older versions of OS X and on the default System Preferences settings. I didn't change the Countdown program, so you don't have to re-download it.

# by skillet on 05/18/12 at 00:51:25

Here is an AppleScript I wrote to work with this

set addTime to 25

on getTimeInHoursAndMinutes(aDate)
set ts to time string of aDate

set hm to text 1 thru word 2 of ts
if ((count ts's words) is 4) then set hm to hm & space & word 4 of ts

return hm
end getTimeInHoursAndMinutes

set myBreak to (my getTimeInHoursAndMinutes((current date) + addTime * minutes))

tell application "Adium" to go online with message "Back @ " & myBreak & " in %_countdown{" & myBreak & "} minutes"

# by skillet on 05/18/12 at 00:53:43

You can change the mess and also "go online" to "go away" which would make more sense with the current message posted.

# by skillet on 05/18/12 at 00:56:45

Sorry posted too soon remove the minutes at the end since that already gets added by the countdown script and is just redundant in the message.

# by skillet on 05/30/12 at 01:38:33

Is there a way to have this script update more often or is that totally dependent on Adium? It seems like it is random when it updates and often takes more than 5 minutes to update. I'm using Adium 1.5 and OS 10.7.4

# by ksarma on 05/29/13 at 06:24:21

Worked just fine for me

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