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002's DockIcons

002's DockIcons

Submitted By The002 OfHalo (002)


3 pics. An upside-down (sometimes upside-up) icon of Online
There is Gone
And Icon

I made this because the duck was not much of my style.



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# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 06/03/07 at 03:57:35

Well THIS isn't much of my style...

# by sdh on 08/17/07 at 17:12:00

Has someone been spamming the download button or what?!

# by enkuturi-akrias on 01/28/08 at 14:26:42

I think yes... this is not a good icon at all

# by hayaemsay on 11/17/07 at 09:04:06

This lacks any finesse, I just registered to tell you that.

# by WilliamTM on 06/25/08 at 21:47:38

It gets your attention, at least. But it's fairly simple. :(

# by Sinclair on 07/02/08 at 16:05:35

Tools: Powerpoint. Too funny.

# by baRRy on 07/22/08 at 08:16:39

HMMM, powerpoint; a worldwide renowned tool for professional image creating. LOL

It gets your attention and is easy to read but oh no . . . it is SH*T

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Current Version: Final
Last Updated: 05/20/07
Tools: Powerpoint
Creator: Yours truly, 002