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Growing Glass

Growing Glass

Submitted By Somatic Gnome (BlackandWhitePenguin)


I created this style to match my new desktop (Growing, by Alex J, which is included in the package). It comes in Orange & Blue (normal), Pink & Green and Pink & Blue.


1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Most of you won't notice, but I removed that disappearing stem from the incoming icon. was really bugging me.
1.2 - Added a Pink & Blue variant.



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# by cpuente on 06/14/07 at 19:01:54

thank you! I really like it. What kind of emoticons are U using?
Thanks a lot!

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 06/14/07 at 19:03:22

They're Riceballs by David Lanham.

# by shiroineko on 06/23/07 at 12:38:14

Nice web 2.0ish variant of minimal_mod :) Great work!

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 06/30/07 at 04:44:13

Its actually a variant of GlassMod, which is a mod of Glass which is a mod of something else...I forget.

# by zyxpink on 06/26/07 at 02:20:17

Woah! I love those buddy icons! niicee! pretty cool stuff here! :D

# by csquared on 10/30/07 at 13:49:36

These are wonderful.

# by dcentity2000 on 10/30/07 at 22:31:15

I love this theme _so_ much

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 10/31/07 at 00:00:29

Thank you very much. I am constantly in awe of your ability to churn out extras.

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Current Version: 1.2
Last Updated: 10/29/07
Alex J