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Submitted By HuoMaKe


RandomBashQuote is a function based off of /brb, and is fairly simple.

Simply type in /rbq and one of a group of quotes from will pop up! Your friends will laugh their nerdy tails off at your wit.

More changes on the way, however I am still a n00bz0r at this and need to look at some good tutorials. Maybe some other macros on the way, as well....

If I have any bugs, please report them to me somehow. I'll keep an eye out here for comments.

Planning on adding more quotes and possibly some more commands such as /rbq top for only the top 100, etc.

Also, if you have any favorites from, please link to them here or in an email (which...I think you can do from this site.)

THANKS TO ALL! 8 downloads so far, I'll be adding quotes tomorrow, so check for an update.


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# by Ebby on 03/30/07 at 23:01:43

Oh ouch! 23 lines of text. I love bash, but that can get a little annoying.

I actually made a bash script like you did a few months ago and never got around to publishing it. Not that I want to compete or anything, but it sounds like fun. Heck, I'd love to work together to keep this updated and work out bugs. :)

# by HuoMaKe on 03/31/07 at 00:03:46

I'm watching for really good new quotes, but they don't let a lot through anymore :(

I'm more interested in getting a lot of them in, 'cause it gets old after a few days of using it, and we don't want that!

As for the amounts of text, I don't think there's any way around that except deleting the quote (and the Business Reply Mail one is one of my favorites).

# by Ebby on 03/31/07 at 02:00:56

There are certainly some quotes that need background information to build a scenario. Believe me, I found it hard to remove some of the longer ones from my script and I know your pain. hehe. I even modified a few quotes to fit them to a max character limit (at the time the width of my laptop screen) so I wouldn't get too carried away. *slaps hand* I know...

Just for fun, I submitted my script (it is waiting in digital limbo right now) so you can see kinda what I did or we can try to merge them if you want. My intention was quick little geeky zingers specifically for a auto-responce message so that's why long quotes won't work for me. Although I realize now there are plenty of other uses where longer quotes are perfectly acceptable. Oh, yea, I didn't mean to sound so mean previously. All's Cool.

# by HuoMaKe on 03/31/07 at 16:01:29

We'll see, I'd like to get the amount of quotes up, then talk about char limits. I'll check out your version and see what it's like, maybe I could learn something from the source :)

Especially since some of my variables are still from the original script of / "theGreeting" and stuff!

# by Ebby on 03/31/07 at 18:50:42

hehe. I think I based mine off /brb too. Big kudos to the author. :D

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10.25kb (838 downloads)

3.30 / 3 votes
Current Version: 0.1
Last Updated: 03/27/07
Mark Holmquist: Developer
/brb: Original code (adapted to make this Xtra)