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Submitted By SimR69


Takes a screenshot and sends it to you contact!

Just type: /capture to take and send your screenshot.

Other options:
- type /hidecapture if you want to hide Adium before taking the screenshot
- type /zipcapture if you want to send a zipped screenshot
- type /hidezipcapture if you want to hide Adium, take the screenshot, zip it and send it!
- type /partialcapture if you want to take a partial screenshot
- type /hidepartialcapture if you want to take a partial screenshot and hide Adium
- type /zippartialcapture if you want to send a zipped partial screenshot
- type /hidezippartialcapture if you want to hide Adium, take a partial screenshot, zip it and send it!


v4.0 (12/14/09)
Added partial screenshots. (pending approval)

v3.2 (01/07/08)
Compatible with Adium 1.2

v3.1 (08/26/07)
Fixed a mistake that made nothing worked :/

v3.0 (08/26/07)
Added a feature to hide Adium when the screenshot is taken.
Fixed a bug when the default screencapture file format is not png.

v2.0 (08/25/07)
Added a feature to automatically zip the screenshot before it is sent.

v1.1 (03/12/07)
The temporary file is put into trash.

v1.0 (03/10/07)
First release.


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# by ihaveabellybutton on 03/19/07 at 17:52:12

Thanks. I could do the same thing w/o this but it would take like 5 times as long. I could use it pretty often too.

# by tasmanian_devil on 04/06/07 at 02:39:14

I like ihaveabellybutton's name!!

# by ecable on 06/11/07 at 21:58:04

Hey. Just a few suggestions - this would be a lot more useful if you could, instead of IT taking the screenshot, just choose to send the lastest 'Picture X.png' file that's on the user's desktop? Then I could take pictures of multiple desktops (which I have) or a specific window or whatever or a specific box on screen; have all the Grab features already built into OS X available to me and such...

# by conzor on 07/27/07 at 02:17:41

what would be the point of doing that if you could just send it anyways.. this is just for quick captures and sending

# by bittin on 10/04/08 at 22:08:25

Nice Script :)

# by badluck on 10/19/08 at 22:54:23

I think the next step in evolution of this script should be sending partial screenshots. E.g. I type /partcapture and a rectangle tool emerges (just like taking partial screenshot with and allows me to select part of the desktop.
Another great thing would be (although I don't know if its possible) displaying images inline (in conversation window).

# by SimR69 on 10/20/08 at 06:54:13

Both evolutions are not possible with Adium scripts, sorry.

# by alexy13 on 01/05/10 at 04:12:08

Hmm... When would you like to send your contact a picture of your screen :P

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Current Version: 4.0
Last Updated: 12/14/09
By Simon R.
With the contribution of Jan H.