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Submitted By Oren Hazi (CzarDerivative)


UPDATE (2.0):
  • Fixed Applescript round-off error
  • Seconds are not displayed anymore when there are 0 seconds remaining
  • "right now" is outputted when current time equals countdown time (instead of "0 seconds ago")
  • AM/PM of current time is automatically added if AM/PM was not specified
  • Current time is used if no time is specified (so that only days are counted)
  • Added /countdays{DATE_AND_TIME} script that works just like countdown, but will only output days
  • Added /countshort{DATE_AND_TIME} script that works just like countdown, but uses short output format (Xd Xh Xm Xs from now/ago)

This script counts down from the current date and time to a specified date and/or time.

To use this script, do:
where DATE_AND_TIME is a date and/or time in applescript's "date" format.

The following date formats are acceptable:
  • 9/3/2005
  • 7/31/04
  • January 1 2005

The following time formats are acceptable:
  • 2:30 PM
  • 4:18:11 AM

You can combine dates and times by writing the date, a space, and then the time like this:
  • February 12 1984 8:30:15 AM
  • 8/06/04 10:00 PM

The output of this script looks like this:
  • "28 days 6 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds from now"
  • "6 days 1 hour 5 seconds ago"
  • or "Invalid date and/or time" if you screwed up the format.

Note: do NOT use commas in the date format... if you do, any data sent after the comma will be treated as another parameter to the function and will be ignored.



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# by on 07/05/04 at 22:09:04

~ Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion. ~

neat script, i'll be using to countdown all sorts of trivial dates.

# by gunnmjk on 07/06/04 at 03:34:44

Especially if the input is a date, it would be cool if it didn't included hours minutes and seconds.

Also, if it could be shortened to "10d:45m:12s" that would be a cool option.

Cool idea.

# by CzarDerivative on 07/06/04 at 03:39:04

I like that idea... i'll put it in the next release.

# by on 07/08/04 at 03:15:08

# by on 07/08/04 at 03:16:00

The comments shouldn't allow blank comments.. oops.

Anyway, this is badass, thanks.

# by Quincy on 07/13/04 at 02:46:39

excellent work!!... one of my fav scripts to this day :-)

# by Speedyj88 on 07/14/04 at 02:24:43

Nice Job!

# by on 07/14/04 at 17:23:17

This is cool! Now it just needs to support years and weeks and such. I count long term, my friend! :)

# by CzarDerivative on 07/14/04 at 17:31:46

Years, months, and weeks will be added once i figure out a way for leap years and differently dayed months to work without causing problems. Expect them in the next release :-)

# by on 07/15/04 at 02:47:03

Just had a question. Works beatifully for me, except it won't allow me to input a time, only a date. When I input a time, the entire code just becomes a space instead of returning a countdown. I'm currently using X.2, and I was wondering if that might be the problem. I didn't get a chance to try the old version, so this is concerning version 2.

# by CzarDerivative on 07/15/04 at 05:19:08

Can you copy/paste the exact string you used? I haven't tried the script with 10.2 but as far as I know it should work just as well.

# by on 07/15/04 at 14:06:35

I used:

/countdown{7/31/04 10:00 AM}

And it only outputs a space. However,


outputs the correct amount of days. Oh, and I've tried adding seconds onto the time (i.e. 10:00:00 AM) and it still refuses to work.

# by CzarDerivative on 07/15/04 at 18:11:37

Try it without the AM/PM and if that works, then I know what's wrong and will post an update.

# by DG. on 07/16/04 at 13:53:00

eh, i'm not getting any output at all in 10.2.8 with adium .62. if i get the input right, then it won't send.. which seems very odd to me.

# by CzarDerivative on 07/16/04 at 16:44:49

Hrm... this is very strange. If I get a chance I'll see if I can get access to a Jaguar box and try to figure out what's wrong.

# by on 07/16/04 at 17:50:02

I'd like to display only 1 counter. A /countdownveryshort
Like 1 day if more then 1 day is remaing.
Or 11 hours if less then a day is remaining
50 minutes if less then a hour is remaining etc...

# by CzarDerivative on 07/16/04 at 19:20:13

*adds to todo list*

# by Bosk on 07/20/04 at 02:10:39

it seems silly to display seconds if they only refresh on multiples of 30 =/

# by on 07/20/04 at 23:55:38

Thanks czar, and to respond to your question, I tried it with and without seconds and with and without the AM/PM. No dice. I appreciate your work on this, and at least the days work for me. Great script!

# by CzarDerivative on 07/21/04 at 21:05:22

Very strange... I might be heading over to someone I know who has a G4 with Jaguar still on it. I'll bring the script with me and take a look at what might be going bonkers.

# by on 08/01/04 at 16:06:14

Any word on what might be causing the Jaguar troubles?

# by CzarDerivative on 08/15/04 at 02:17:55

I've spent the past few weeks marooned on an island with no communication with the outside world for the past three weeks. after i finish catching up i'll get to work on this again :-).

# by on 08/27/04 at 00:05:07

It would be awesome if the script could support years because i tried doing countdown to the next millenium :-D and i get a lot days...

# by on 08/30/04 at 03:12:39

frank was here, went to get beer (on a serious note, very cool script)

# by on 09/18/04 at 02:25:34

Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

# by on 11/06/04 at 18:36:04

What are feces?
Baby mice!

# by on 11/12/04 at 00:58:51

I'm having some problems with the time while using adium 0.71. Is this normal, or am I not doing something right?

# by lankybutmacho on 11/18/04 at 04:10:26

Very handy, but it might be nice to control how the output is phrased, i.e. just having "xx days" instead of "xx days from now" so I could phrase it however I want.

# by Nooon on 12/01/04 at 14:34:32

this doesn't work at all here.
/countdown{7/31/04} outputs 17424 days 10 hours 16 minutes 13,0 seconds from now.

# by daniel on 01/07/05 at 20:19:59

i just love the donnie darko reference in the screen shot

# by on 01/23/05 at 18:05:16

personally i'd like to add my own trailingText for all events except those that are about to happen(ie where the trailing text would change soon) I just edited out the &TrailingTEXT part of the script though, just a suggestion

# by on 01/26/05 at 10:07:05

Crashed Adium upon startup, every time. Had to delete it to make Adium work again.

Crash report submitted. :(

# by zaudragon on 01/27/05 at 02:33:00

Bosk: Seconds can be used in Messaging!

# by on 02/08/05 at 02:50:54

It should be noted that two-digit years only yield the correct countdown it the first to digits are "20".

(It seems to think I won't be born for another 29,256 days.)

# by Trose on 02/13/05 at 02:30:38

Awesome plugin. Thank you very much!

# by on 02/26/05 at 02:42:50

Oh my God, a Donnie Darko reference!

# by on 03/28/05 at 04:49:07

def. need a way to change the trailing text. maybe an optional argument to turn it off {1/3/05,0} or something

# by iNemo on 04/01/05 at 15:22:57

I needed a countdown applescript for adium and was just looking around to write my own when I spotted yours.

You just saved me a job.


# by on 05/07/05 at 16:12:41

I'm putting it into my MSN screen name. Is it possible to somehow update the screen name in a certain interval? For example every 30 seconds?

Thanks! :-)

# by on 05/07/05 at 16:30:12

Oops, sorry I didn't notice it updated every 30 seconds.. Would be nice to be able to disable seconds then :-)

# by on 05/12/05 at 06:12:44

first off.
great reference with donnie darko, watched it like 90 times this last weekend and used the frank dock icons, quoting everything from that all week.


i can't get any seconds....

i type in "/countdown{05/12/05 1:30 am}" (today is 5/12/05 at 12:12 am) and all it says is "right now"
am i doing something wrong or what?
i really like this code.

i'm using it for school but all it says is "30 days" and that's it, no minutes, no hours, no seconds. just days.

# by thelouisguy on 05/12/05 at 21:42:46

Is it possible to have it refresh sooner than 30seconds? or is that a default thing that is out of your control? I'd like it if it counted down ever second, if possible?

# by CzarDerivative on 06/11/05 at 02:21:11

Hello again. Sooo... I spilled tea on my powerbook and was sorta "out" of the mac/adium community for about six months. Heh... boy was that depressing... ANYway... This is the first time the adiumXtras site has been up since i got the comp back. And I'm working on everything... the script's not perfect.. I know.. but I'll see what I can do with it. Caio.

# by on 07/13/05 at 17:59:30

A brief note: If you have your mac set to a foreign date/time format (i currently am in France, and have the language and date format set to French), you have to enter the date in that format. I couldn't figure out why 7/14/05 was incorrect, until i realized that was asking it for the 7th day of the 14th month.

# by superpants312 on 11/08/05 at 12:37:48

I use this script all the time, I love it! :)

# by torbjorn on 11/30/05 at 10:14:31

I've tried to use to use this script in my nick like this ['nick' /countdown{1/8/2006}] but it does not work. Neither does writing text infront of the script in a conversation like this ['text' /countdown{1/8/2006}]. What should I do... The /insult script behaves in the same way :(

# by pianoman76 on 12/11/05 at 17:54:04

I second torbjorn's post. any text before the script makes the script not work and just outputs the code rather than the output.

# by Impulse29 on 12/14/05 at 10:44:23

Great script, but one problem. It works perfectly when I use it in a conversation window, but when I put it in my name it doesn't work. I have used a previous version before, and it worked, but this one doesn't. Anything I can do?

# by brokenwings on 12/24/05 at 07:49:37

For put in your name, you have to, in script file do show package contents. Than edit the file Info.plist. Then change the string /countdown by %_countdown, and so for countshort and countdays.

# by bewencher on 01/22/06 at 09:19:21

I might just be a bit blond with this but if I enter text before the countdown script then it just spits out the code and not the actual count down. This is what I'm trying to do:

Graduation is /countdown{5/13/06 9:00 AM}!

But it will only work if I just write:

/countdown{5/13/06 9:00 AM}

I'm fairly new to Adium, so it could just be my own stupidity, but figuring out what I am doing wrong would be nice. Thanks!

# by Spookster on 03/03/06 at 12:40:52

i got the same thing: it works fine if there's nothing in front, but as soon as there is anything before it just outputs the code. i got an itunes song title script in my nickname with stuff in front and that works just fine... :/

# by superpants312 on 03/25/06 at 15:11:46

School is OUT:
%_countdays{May 5, 2006}

That's all it shows up as =(. I read someone's post about needing to update .plist files, but I don't know how. This is my favorite script! Heeeelp!

# by pickerin on 03/28/06 at 10:55:13

To make it work as a status message:

Traverse in Finder to: ~Username/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Scripts
Locate the Countdown.AdiumScripts file
Right-click (or control click) on it
Choose "Show Package Contents"
Open up "Contents"
There should be an info.plist file.
Open it in something like BBEdit, or any plain text editor
Change the lines where it has /countdown, /countdays, and /countshort, to
%_countdown, %_countdays, %_countshort respectively.
Save it.
Reload Adium.
Now use %_countshort{4:30 PM} in your status line, and you should be all set.

# by Skipy on 05/25/06 at 13:55:26

I rewrote it a little in german - really nice! Should I (and where) poste uoload it?

One little idea jet, I whould prefere a shurtcut instead of the lon word "Countdown" for examlpe /cd{}
What about that?

# by Skipy on 05/25/06 at 13:55:45

I rewrote it a little in german - really nice! Should I (and where) poste upload it?

One little idea jet, I whould prefere a shurtcut instead of the lon word "Countdown" for examlpe /cd{}
What about that?

# by ichamber on 05/31/06 at 21:47:22

It would be great if this script would work in profiles (e.g. with other text present) I think this is done by using the % sign as the first symbol in the script

# by newkai on 11/03/06 at 04:32:12

I applied the %_ hack above to use the script in my status message... Hope this doesn't violate my MSN ToS or something... But I guess not... Works great!

# by jim841 on 02/07/07 at 07:58:19

this doesnt work for me at all in adium 1.0... anyone?

# by chojiro on 09/18/10 at 12:59:39

Hi! Would it be possible to be able to use this script in nicknames as well? I can only make it work in messages, and nowhere else. Anything I might be doing wrong? Running Adium 1.3.10 on Mac OS X 10.6.4. Thanks.

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