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Mango's Set

Mango's Set

Submitted By Somatic Gnome (BlackandWhitePenguin)


I suppose this should be called Gnome's Set now...but that would be confusing, so we don't talk about it much....

Some time ago I saw someone (now known to be ispytonyv) who had submitted the set of Xtras they use, sadly that has since disappeared. Anyways, at the time I would have submitted my set but, 1) .zip was a foreign language to me and 2) all my Xtras were off the shelf. Now, not only do I understand the basics of file extensions but I have dabbled in editing.

My Set:

1. LanhamGlass (Orange/Grey) (Me)
2. Fresh! Contact List (Boramor)
3. iPhone (mini) Status Icons (Periphium)
4. SilkAdium Toolbar Replacement Set by Leo Lin (nt10)
5. Slightly Modified Riceballs Emotes (dlanham) NOTE: Although these are the most artistically wonderful emotions I have ever seen the triggers were a little lacking to I added the ones that me, my friends and presumably your friends use most often.
6. Fernando the Duck Dock Icon by David Lanham (not currently available on the xtras site but included in his somatic theme package, available from his website
7. Up2Date Aqua 3 (Sam)
8. Proteus IM Sound Set (Boramor)

NOTE: If any of the original Xtra authors have a problem with me including your Xtra in this set please inform me and I will be happy to remove it.

Mentions Elsewhere:
- Phork has made his own set.
- Apparently this set goes well with the White Contact List by Ollie McNally (mcnalzer)
- Ollie now has his own set as well.
- Matthew Lettini (icemonkey2004) also has his own set (although he did not mention me).


1.0 - Original Release
1.1 - More Modifications To The Glass Message Style (isn't it sad that there is a second release before the first one was even out?)
1.2 - Two New Xtras– Imeem Emoticons and iBubble 3, Plus Different Contact List And Message Style.
2.0 - Totally New Set! (Almost)
2.1 - Changed to new version of GrowingGlass (see its page for details).
2.2 - Added my sound set (how could I forget?)
3.0 - Once again I have changed my desktop (and icons!) and with it my xtras set.


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# by ispytonyv on 02/12/07 at 04:45:50

That was my set! Aww, the nostalgia... now I feel like I should put it back up, the intent was for more users to follow suit :) 5 ducks for the motivation!

# by ispytonyv on 02/12/07 at 05:07:33

PS- I actually didn't get complaints from original authors who's xtras were modified... to the contrary when I dropped one of them from the set, the author complained (humorously) about losing their prime billing!

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 02/13/07 at 01:00:02

Yeah, it would be great if people started sharing their sets.

And thanks to everyone for their great votes!

# by dcentity2000 on 02/18/07 at 21:25:28

Nice one!

# by tasmanian_devil on 05/31/07 at 00:03:33

Hey actually I can't get the list theme and style to work

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 05/31/07 at 00:06:17

The contact list and message style you mean? I doubt I can do anything about the contact list (seeing how its not my xtra) but if its something packaging-realted I can take care of it. As for the message style, that is mine so any bug reports would be very helpful. You can leave them either here or on the comments for the specific xtra. Thanks.

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