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Submitted By Mark Fickett (Perez)


Message Style developed for my AdiumMessageStyle Tutorial; includes white- and black-background variants. The .zip is only the message view; see the tutorial for a .zip with mockups etc. The included variants are for white and black backgrounds.

1.2: A few minor updates/fixes, added a textonly variant inspired by aNon, added Kevin Smith's remix as a variant.
1.1: Updated to use rgba() instead of semi-transparent PNGs.


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# by BlueRevolution on 10/21/04 at 00:27:11

whoa, that must be some tutorial! Those are sweet message styles, totally different from anything else. I love it!

# by bob_the_gorilla on 10/30/04 at 09:15:02

It's a great tutorial, I just finished following it through :)

# by poohbeerke on 03/27/05 at 07:09:19

nice ;-)

# by ATMB on 08/25/06 at 11:31:16

Well...where can the tutorial be found? Your link gives a 404...


# by rickybuchanan on 01/14/08 at 21:32:20

So the next person doesn't get as lost as I did, the tutorial now seems to be here:

# by Perez on 01/15/08 at 01:43:19

Thanks/sorry - the best link is:
and if you feel like migrating it to the linked-to Wiki (since I've been ignoring this), that's be excellent.

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Current Version: 1.2
Last Updated: 07/24/04
Designed/Written by Mark Fickett