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Adium AV Dark

Adium AV Dark

Submitted By Xavier Parra (Huevoos)


This is my first Dock Icon.
I made this icon to maintain the look and feel of Apple's iChat while telling the world: I Love Adium!!!
And of course to match my theme.
Hope you like it, and please tell me what you think.



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# by valdiochela on 10/29/06 at 23:33:01


# by Mxwllsmrt4 on 10/30/06 at 02:15:55


nice job bud.

# by michelebugliaro on 11/03/06 at 21:51:05


# by Fruzion on 11/06/06 at 16:55:19

5 ducks for this, nice job!!

# by Huevoos on 11/07/06 at 02:40:34

Thank you all for trying it and for your comments.
Do you have any suggestions for next version???

# by alebrije_d on 11/08/06 at 15:52:59

Real very chingon, cuando putas gives the new versión?

# by alebrije_d on 11/08/06 at 15:53:51

Esta chingon, cada vez descubro que tan magicos y enigmantes son los dock icons en color negro WOW! no ma! esta chingon de a madres!

# by alebrije_d on 11/08/06 at 15:55:06

MAEESSSSTROOOO... cuando nos deleitara con la nueva versión, recuerde que estoy para servirlo y honrarlo
neceista putas? una nueva mac? un ferrari? que se le ofrece maestro?

# by tasmanian_devil on 03/31/07 at 05:07:15

ooh! Pretty colors- good for a faded type-theme nice with a greyish bg!!

# by alebrije_d on 04/07/07 at 00:39:14

Maestroooo! a falta de $$$ para el blog, podemos hacer uno aquí y no cuesta ni un centavo

# by alebrije_d on 04/07/07 at 00:39:43

Entonces cuando empezamos a postear?

# by alebrije_d on 04/07/07 at 00:40:18

G U E Y ! ya fuiste por las tortillas? también trae una coca de 2l y si te alcanza una lata de atún

# by alebrije_d on 04/07/07 at 00:46:59

la siguiente versión de esta mierda deberá ser en tonos de azul daytona difuminados, de otra forma no combinaría con mi desktop.
Quedo claro!?!?!

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