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iTunes current Track

iTunes current Track

Submitted By Andreas Jon Grote (xjonxdotcom)


Quoted from long ago:
"After i was wondering how windows user can show
their current playing song as status message, first i
used to put the Adium Standard script /music into the
away message... " - me myself

i am still bothered by the appereance of the standard
plug-ins output:
*is listening to "track" by "artist"*

sometimes ago i just modified it to:
[current song: "artist" - "track"]

i think this looks even better.

so...install script and save the script command /itunes
as a status message and Adium will show your current
tune you listen to (in iTunes)


I lost my old account, or better i lost everything relating to it,



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# by xSpikex on 10/23/06 at 14:08:34

I like it... good work

# by Moo on 02/03/07 at 13:05:43

so i like this
but i'd like to change the way it's displayed
like the * ... * way better personally

i changed the [current song part in the code
saved it.. but now doesnt work at all anymore ;(

could u tell me how to change this exactly? would be great

# by Midori on 12/18/07 at 20:55:17

Very nice ! Moo is right, the only thing missing is how to modify the message.

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