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Submitted By Dan (flawless)


This script will change your MSN account display name semi-automatically. It may not be all that useful, it's just something I threw together to see how adiumscripts work.

Type "/name{the name you want goes here}" and hit enter. It's GUI-scripted, so the script kinda takes over Adium for a few seconds while it makes the changes. Not the most graceful thing in the world, but I don't like to use my mouse and this saves me the trouble of all that clicking. Oh, and your msn account has to be at the top of your accounts list in Preferences : Accounts for it to work.

You can also type "/name{newName}" and it will simply bring up the name-change screen, in case you want to type '{' or '}' in your name or change your display pic.

This's my first Adium Xtra, so if you have any comments or critique, lemme hear it.


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# by xSpikex on 10/10/06 at 17:43:52

good idea

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