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Battery Buddy Icons

Battery Buddy Icons

Submitted By Stephane Turpin (sturp)


This is a script to give you a icon with the level of your battery.

Unzip the zip file into your homedir Picture, so ~/Pictures.

Place %_batteryicon{delay} in your profile, alias, or away/available message to refresh your icon automatically with your delay time.
So 5 minutes would be %_batteryicon{5} and 30 seconds would be %_batteryicon{0.5}.

1.5 - fix version Intel for MacBook & MacBook Air (thx to Eduardo Arburola)
1.4 - add new version Intel compatible (MacBook)
1.3 - fix no battery and battery fully charged (thx to Simon Kirchner)
1.2 - fix delay time problem up to 5min
1.1 - fix full charged icon display
1.0 - first release

(thx to Zaudragon to the AppleScripts Random Buddy Icons)



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# by Niles on 05/26/06 at 08:16:12

Nice idea.

I would use it if I had a laptop.

# by air__devil on 02/06/07 at 03:34:52

you could still use it, it just wouldn't work :)

# by mayhems-edge on 05/26/06 at 18:54:53

umm i luv the idea but i don't really get how to use it
and what do i do with the BATTERY ICON Folder?

# by sturp on 05/27/06 at 01:58:02

Just copy the BATTERY ICONS folder in your Pictures folder (in your home directory)

And just %_batteryicon{5} after your Alias

# by mayhems-edge on 05/27/06 at 21:28:42

ok thanx
nice idea

# by mayhems-edge on 05/27/06 at 21:43:58

doesn't seem to work
umm how do i make it my buddy icon? cause when i try nothing really seems like it's moving

# by mayhems-edge on 05/27/06 at 21:44:27

maybe i'm doin it wrong

# by sturp on 05/28/06 at 01:34:54

just 3 things to do when you unzip this adium xtras :
1/ unzip and copy the Battery Icons folder to your homedir Pictures
2/ unzip and install the Battery (just double click to install)
3/ add the text %_batteryicon{5} in your alias name

and wait 5min, you personal icon must change after 5min, to see it you can add yourself in your contact list ;-)

# by zaudragon on 05/29/06 at 00:12:53

Note that my delay-for-updates system has a record of being problematic for some; for myself, it works perfectly.

%_battericon{x} should work fine. Just anything under .5 will be rounded up to .5. And any fractional minute amounts will be rounded up to the nearest .5.

# by thimic on 08/01/06 at 09:54:23

I might be stupid, but i can't get this to work no matter what. I've even looked at it in Script Editor, but still i can't figure out what's wrong. Can it simply be that I'm using an Intel Mac?

# by AngryTomatoe on 02/04/07 at 13:29:46

Seems as if I have the same prob as thimic.
I got an Intel MacBook and the script just displays the "no battery" icon (the one with an "X").
Updaterate is set to 1 and 2 minutes as MSN reports an error at higher updaterates.
Might be cool if you fix this prob. The idea is very nice and useful!!

# by sturp on 02/04/07 at 21:44:40

Someone could be sent me the result of the command : ioreg -l

Thanks for your help ;-)

# by Elmo on 02/14/07 at 09:51:49

Me also had a problem with always showing the icon with the battery and the X in it.
After I installed and used this addon: it works for me :)
I have an iBook G4 and running Adium 1.0

# by JCole on 09/16/07 at 20:58:44

what the hell is delay time?

# by Batshua on 10/07/07 at 15:43:20

Not working on my Intel, either. Please let me know if you figure out the problem.

# by Adam on 02/25/08 at 17:55:17

Ye the problem with intel is it does not now what deltime is (applescript. And it can't seem to be able to change: Adium got an error: Can’t set every «class acct» to «data TIFF4D4D002A00006C0A810.....

# by Elijahg on 02/03/09 at 00:02:42

I managed to get the script to work on my Unibody Macbook Pro by following the author's instructions, and by modifying the script slightly.

I opened the Battery Icon X86.AdiumScripts package, and changed the line:

set «class AusI» of every «class acct» to tifimagedata -- sets the buddy icon


set image of every account to tifimagedata -- sets the buddy icon

Works great!

# by 12061990 on 03/14/09 at 15:55:19

Trying to get this thing work with my intel macbook, but I allways stuck to same. I have waited five minutes and nothing happends.. I even modify scripts as elijahg but nothing again. Any advise?

-sorry about my english skills..

# by sturp on 03/15/09 at 01:16:15

Try to change these lines:
set Capacity to (do shell script "ioreg -l | grep -i -m1 IOBatteryInfo | cut -d, -f1 | cut -d= -f3")
set Current to (do shell script "ioreg -l | grep -i -m1 IOBatteryInfo | cut -d, -f4 | cut -d= -f2")

set Capacity to (do shell script "ioreg -l | grep MaxCapacity | cut -d= -f 2")
set Current to (do shell script "ioreg -l | grep CurrentCapacity | cut -d= -f 2")

Because I developed the initial script on my iBook G4 and on new Intel Mac, the command is quite differente...
I have not tested the lines, I have just tested the line in terminal.

# by 12061990 on 03/14/09 at 15:57:19

PTW I'm using adium 1.3.3

# by edhunter on 01/15/10 at 08:11:09

Wait!! is not coming on the search :( :(

# by george_w_bush on 03/24/10 at 18:59:17

dont work on 1.4b17?!?

# by JohnChristmas on 10/05/11 at 12:13:14

This looks like an interesting solution, most battery lights are not accurate at telling the remaining battery levels on my laptop. By judging from the comments, it seems rather hard to install and not compatible with everything. I would like to see it more user friendly though.
John -

# by werto on 03/24/12 at 21:38:43

I agree with you John, this is a very interesting solution. A little more user friendlyness would help
Mike -

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