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Submitted By Arnold Sykosch (silentdark)


This is the Colloquy-Message-Style v1.0.
Inspired by Colloquy.
I made it from "Justtext", so great thanks to Mark Fickett and Huw Rowlands.

It got three modes:

  1. No Background
  2. Big Background
  3. Small Background

The meaning shoult be clear. "Small" is my personal fevorite one.

As far as I know, there is no problems with this message style.
Please feel free to contact me with suggestions/thoughts/confusions on this plug-in.


  • 0.1 - release - know issue: links with overlength couses a harizontal scrollbar. I'll fix that!
  • 0.1.1 - fix for the horizontal scrollbar, but there is no way to break the link in line. It's shown behind the window further. If somedoby know the fix. Let me know please.



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# by dcentity2000 on 04/06/06 at 06:54:42


# by silentdark on 04/06/06 at 06:58:55

thank you! I'm glad you like it.

# by 61Tipo61 on 04/06/06 at 09:22:17

Incredible, I've been waiting for this specific style for ages, but never had the skills to code it :)

# by silentdark on 04/06/06 at 15:40:50

So as me. At the first I tried Adium I found no good looking theme. So I used Fire. But Fire sucks, so I made a theme my self. And thats the result.

# by zaudragon on 04/09/06 at 16:38:37

Good looking theme? There are so many… but I guess no really good looking text-only themes. My own are pretty lame; I personally use Hazmat, however. Psychedelic colours!

This is nice, though. Now I need to make a message style that looks like my irssi window.

# by unixgold on 06/14/06 at 06:19:33

Best theme in the house! Do you know how to add seconds to the default.xsl file from within Colloquy? I'm having a devil of a time with that!

# by silentdark on 06/14/06 at 06:50:31

thank you...
i never worked on a colloquy-style yet.

# by soCram on 12/29/07 at 10:57:12

good work though simpletext is buggy (doesn't display the last row properly)

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3.70 / 38 votes
Current Version: 0.1.1
Last Updated: 04/05/06
- Me (Arnold)
- Stefan (thx for Betatesting)