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Submitted By Markus Norsted (wobbler)


A pretty plain spinning cube. All for your entertainment.

(it looks best in your dock when you uncheck 'Show Contacts with unviewed messages' in Preferences>Dock)



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# by on 06/01/04 at 11:42:40

Ahh. We all like?

# by oddfellow on 06/01/04 at 13:25:00

This is awesome. It's great to see someone finally make use of the ability to animate dock icons with more than one frame per state. I can only hope that other people will take inspiration from this and make some more.

# by wobbler on 06/01/04 at 13:29:06

Hey, thanks! I was a bit unsure wheter there was a possibility to have n number of frames animating, but... of course the cunning developers of Adium had this supported :)

# by on 06/01/04 at 15:12:06

Terrific dock icon. All the different states are really great except for the inactive (Adium is off) state. That blank white hexagon is too bright and glaring in the dock for times I'm not connected to the net or choose to turn off my IM. Thanks for the best animated dock icon though. A glimpse of the future I hope ;)

# by on 06/01/04 at 17:55:22

I love it. I think it would be pretty cool if you got other shapes as well as colors. Good work, wobbler! ~Ev

# by on 06/01/04 at 18:19:45

Is it possible to have it animated constantly? Say, while you are connected, to have the cube always spinning. (For those of us with super powerful Dual G5's who feel the need to use those extra clock cycles?)

# by Anonymous on 06/01/04 at 20:34:19

Ji> I see your point with the white offline-mode. Personally, I'm connected 99% of the time in front of my computer so I don't have that problem. Buuut... perhaps I shoud make the 'away-icon' the icon for offline? And something else for the disconnected one?

Ev> thanks! Other colours could do I guess. All I need is some time to makum, heh.

Frost> haven't thought about a constantly spinning cube at all time... but I guess that's easily assembled. Personally, I'd be seasick with watching a wobbly thing while working :)

Anyway, I do have another idea for a dock icon that I'd like to test before I make any changes for 'wobblo 1.0'. Oh, did anyone say I have a real job to manage too..? No? Good.

# by on 06/01/04 at 20:35:38

errr... above post is from me, wobbler

# by cortjezter on 06/01/04 at 21:52:25

let's see a sphere set ;)

# by Maraklov on 06/01/04 at 22:06:48

i love this, but i changed the cube so it wobbled constantly to tell me i was still online. static cube = offline or away. makes more sense to me, but i do like to be distracted by pretty things... translucent spinning cubes next please!

# by Quincy on 06/02/04 at 20:31:13

This is a terrific icon set! However, I'd like the idle mode to be different. I don't like the difference between away and idle being that idle adds "n/a" to it. But otherwise, great icon set!!!!

# by on 06/03/04 at 18:51:38

This is a really cool icon. I hope you come up with some other shpes and colors in the future. Keep up the good work.

# by Crazycole2001 on 06/03/04 at 23:09:18

Ya know what would rock? how about a Rubix cube?

# by wobbler on 06/04/04 at 10:31:42

Re: Everyone. Thanks for all the great feedback on my attempt in creating a dock-icon. I promise I will do more and different icon sets... as soon as I get struck of some of that inspiration of course :)

# by tedger on 06/24/04 at 21:47:31

strikes wobbler with 2x4

# by on 06/27/04 at 01:33:01

no away or idle sign posts?!?!

best icon dock set i have seen for Adium yet. super minimal and extremely sleek. i definitely agree with comments above that it is great to see more than one frame per state. the white offline cube is a bit bright, but THANK GOD it doesnt flash stupid colours like blue and red and and green and then yellow and then grows wings and flaps around and dances like an idiot when i receive an IM. if additional colours come, please please please make them as separate downloads.
as you can tell i have longed for a minimal dock icon set for Adium.

# by ji eun on 07/18/04 at 08:18:04

gone quiet here. i was thinking about a "not connected" state icon, how about a mostly transparent cube with just a wire frame, course i nice-looking wire frame ;-)

# by wobbler on 07/18/04 at 10:59:52

Hello again. Yes, been busy the past weeks with moving to a new apartment, painting ceilings and walls and whatnot. Buuut... yes, good comments about my li'l icon. I'll see if I can tweak up a new version in the near future. Cya.

# by Wolfman on 09/08/04 at 03:12:46

I've had this icon since it came out. There is still nothing quite like it being the only icon that is truly animated. I feel a bit discouraged because after all this time nobody has come up with an icon that does anything like what this one does.

# by BlueRevolution on 09/16/04 at 06:29:07

I'd just like to say thank you... your icon inspired me to make my iPod series and my iMac with the multiframed animation thing going on. They never would've happened without your icon. I'm not overly fond of the wobbling cube thing, but the concept is awesome for encouraging the proliferation of really cool, smooth icons.

# by JazzDuck on 09/22/04 at 22:10:09

Hey, here's an idea for wobblo 2.... I really like the motion of the cube and the translucency. Some people have suggested making it so that the cube spins all the time.... what I would suggest is making it so that the cube normally spins at a slow rate, and speeds up when there's an unviewed message (to about the speed it's at now). Then, also, have it be solid when you're not away or idle, and translucent when you are. How would that sound to people?

# by wobbler on 09/23/04 at 07:15:32

Jazzduck: I really would't ant to have any movement in my dock (or screen) unless there's something knocking for attention. Therefore, I won't make any version of Wobblo with spinning cubes as default. I might make an update with a translucent cube when Aduim is not booted (instead of white as it it now), and some other shape (not invented yet :) for the away-state. Thanks for your comments though!

# by GHeTT0 DuCK on 10/06/04 at 20:17:07

damn thats awesome, i hope other icon makers out there become influenced by this genius. i wanna see more awesome 3d movin things out there!!

# by on 10/19/04 at 01:20:26

Looks neat.
Close your dang I tag, it makes the whole page italic!

# by pk on 10/19/04 at 21:56:42

my icon is not spinning. it is a static cube in my dock. am i doing something wrong?

# by wobbler on 10/20/04 at 07:22:40

pk> it's spinning when you get beeped by someone :)

# by BlueRevolution on 10/23/04 at 04:26:02

how about gently moving for away? since technically you're away when you're *not there* it wouldn't be so annoying - I agree with you about moving things :ugh: by the way... everybody keeps saying I hope people get inspired by this... well I was, and the result is 6 iPods, an iBook, an iMac and a forthcoming PowerBook. so - thanks

# by BlueRevolution on 10/23/04 at 04:27:29

oops... looks like I already said that a month and a half ago... I think I'll just go hide in a dark hole somewhere for a while :embarrassed:

# by serge on 11/15/04 at 21:35:04

I, too, was inspired. My very first dock icon: Reddie.

Thanks for the great work, wobbler!! :)

# by Rasmus on 01/31/05 at 19:43:37

Still rocks man. Men varf?r ?r alla kommentarer kursiva?

# by wobbler on 02/01/05 at 07:54:56

Thanks Rasmus, but we all know your icon roxors better. Och jag har fasen ingen aning om varf?r kommentarerna blir kursiva. Det ?r v?l n?ge med data, kan man t?nka. Eller en icke st?ngd tagg?

# by hagbard on 05/05/05 at 12:18:12

very pretty

# by on 05/07/05 at 07:15:32

Hur f?r du den at spinna i docken konstant? Tackar...

# by David Tovar on 05/17/05 at 17:43:46

Looks like Tiger is a little bit of a problem for this icon. The outline when in the dock shows pretty dirty, but only happened in Tiger. Anyone else with this problem?

# by Anonymous on 06/18/05 at 01:22:36

I am using Tiger and nothing is animating...

# by Anonymous on 06/18/05 at 11:50:25

I haven't experienced any issues whatsoever in Tiger. And you know, the icon is only supposed to spin when you receive a message =)

- markus (creator of this li'l thingie)

# by love this cube on 08/03/05 at 12:43:10

i love this cube, i think it freakin rocks.. best dock icon ever!

# by Cadet13576 on 11/27/05 at 13:24:26

ummmm... How do you make a xtra???

# by superjedi on 04/30/06 at 10:04:49

Freaking awsome! I'd like to see some coloured cubes though.

# by on 07/21/06 at 14:46:23

hey, i've found the trick dat the application dat wouldn't b rasterized on the edges ... just open the package .... edit the white cube file wif photoshop .... change the image size into 512x512 .... save all .... n apply it again .... much better ..... thank you

# by growlydidge on 08/13/06 at 09:08:37

Love everything, but the n/a text ruins it enough to make me not want to use it.

# by J.Oney13 on 11/12/06 at 02:38:22

Man that is so cool e/mail me at

# by encrypted on 02/18/07 at 03:59:07

I love the transparent wobblo.

# by TheMacNewbTube on 11/10/07 at 06:54:32

OK, I know this has been brought up, but know with Leopard I think a constantly "wobbling" cube would be awesome in the dock, IMHO. =) Great work though! =)

# by PEEJAY on 04/21/08 at 18:21:54

ok ill probably sound dumb asking this but i cannot find how to turn off the contacts with unviewed messages plz help

# by boomstation on 10/23/08 at 15:25:57

I love this!

# by westcoast021 on 07/21/09 at 16:11:38

very, very nice. and definitely looks best in a transparent dock with all the badging and name displaying options unchecked in Adium Preferences. thanks so much for something so simple and easy on the eyes, yet entertaining.

# by morganfainberg on 04/20/13 at 07:28:12

This is still my favorite dock icon (and everyone always asks about it when they first notice it). Years later, nothing has come close.

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