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Submitted By Richard Gilbert (dcentity2000)


Juice is in effect a duplication of Essic, tweaked and honed just so. This messageview features 6 colour variants based on Apple's desktop pictures that shipped with the multi-coloured iMacs.

Each colour theme is further complimented with 5 header themes. These are positive (shown in most screenshots, a white header that fades), positive mild (same but less intense), themed (the header is the same colour as the theme chosen, still in the same fading style), negative (like positive only it's black) and negative mild (like positive mild only it's black).


Screenshots are, as shown in order:

Blueberry Oxygen POSITIVE
Blueberry Union POSITIVE
Grape Gravity POSITIVE
Grape Mission POSITIVE
Graphite Motion POSITIVE
Lime Horizon POSITIVE
Strawberry Baby POSITIVE
Strawberry Parabola POSITIVE
Tangerine Fusion POSITIVE
Tangerine Melt POSITIVE
Window shot: Blueberry Union POSITIVE
Strawberry Parabola NEGATIVE
Window shot: Lime Horizon THEMED


1.0 - Initial release
2.0 - MASSIVE update, all colour variants now come in FIVE different themes - positive, positive mild, themed, negative mild and negative.
2.1 - Missing features tweaked and added - in case you've been wondering where feature x is, it's there now :)



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# by Marius_Th on 03/17/06 at 09:36:55

Bondi Blueberries, those bring back happy memories ^_^

# by michelebugliaro on 03/17/06 at 11:54:16

Good one.

# by DeathAxe on 03/18/06 at 13:24:55

very nice! *give a 5*

# by pjnorthco on 03/18/06 at 22:12:18

love it... but when i use it I dont see the buddy's pic and/or the "conversation started at..." is there a setting i am missing?

# by pjnorthco on 03/18/06 at 22:21:17

ok..duh!!! found it

# by misterfox on 03/22/06 at 10:45:56

Abolutely my favorite message style for Adium!


ps: i voted 5 stars ;-)

# by misterfox on 03/22/06 at 10:46:24

those ??? are supposed to be apples..apperantly those dont work here...

# by Gruenmuth on 04/18/06 at 05:53:58

the background pic of this style are too small(1/4 of the size) on my screen(1680*1050). Fix it plz:)

# by Corny on 06/04/06 at 17:20:01

This is beatiful :) But it would be great if the text fields would be rounded!

# by bigfatsmiles on 06/23/06 at 01:35:58

I don't seem to be able to change the themes of the header... My ownly option is Positive. Anyone can tell me what to do?

# by tasmanian_devil on 03/13/07 at 01:23:34

Its really the greatest message style I've ever had and I hope you make more great ones like this!! :D

# by ShwebebMaStEr on 03/18/07 at 17:05:03

nice work!

# by ShwebebMaStEr on 03/18/07 at 17:05:07

nice work!

# by michelebugliaro on 03/21/07 at 19:14:43

Cool one.

# by kitesinflight on 04/04/07 at 03:31:36

this is great! if i had one thing to change it would be to add animation...then it'd be my favorite bottom line.

# by ahwi on 06/03/07 at 09:11:07

goody!!thumbs up

# by Beaeuge on 08/27/07 at 17:56:29

its awsome!! luv it!!!

# by alexandrriana on 12/14/07 at 16:15:45


# by nidge on 12/31/07 at 14:51:08

Very nice, thank you

# by ekologik on 02/23/09 at 06:36:37

super! 5

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Current Version: 2.1
Last Updated: 03/20/07
Apple Computer for the backgrounds excluding Graphite Motion; Chris Egeberg (essic) for the codebase used to make this messageview