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Submitted By Richard Gilbert (dcentity2000)


This theme started out based on "Essic" by Chris Egeberg and somehow mutated into this. Header is collapsable and is marked by a semi-transparent background behind the avatar. 5 colour variants are included in one easy file :)

Full blown screenshots shown below featuring contact list "Sky" and status icons "Underling".

Screen 1: "Aqua" variant
Screen 2: "Graphite" variant
Screen 3: "IR" variant
Screen 4: "Sky" variant, the default
Screen 5: "UV" variant
Screen 6: Full blown screenshot showing "Sky" variant
Screen 7: Full blown screenshot showing "Sky" variant with custom background set to 80% (Adium 1.x feature only)


1.0 - Initial release


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# by michelebugliaro on 03/12/06 at 17:57:41

Looks like an interesting concept.

# by Félix on 03/12/06 at 22:40:46

This is what I call "nice".
5 ducks.

# by m2e on 03/12/06 at 23:15:13


# by sdh on 03/14/06 at 08:48:41

where can i get hold of that wallpaper? : )

# by screwedpixie on 04/18/06 at 02:30:50

me too! it's gorgeous!

# by suzykaploozie on 05/11/06 at 11:04:04

Did anyone ever get this wallpaper? I really like it A LOT!

# by dcentity2000 on 02/13/07 at 18:00:21

Unfortunately the wallpaper was acquired from an imageboard and was trashed from my HD in a recent disk cleanup. I have no idea where to find it.

# by tasmanian_devil on 05/12/07 at 13:12:57

here is the link- took it from snapdragon theme. np. :)

# by skoo402 on 03/14/06 at 13:35:30

Love the style

What program is that that puts the weather and email at the bottom? That's cool.

# by The_Green_Duck on 03/14/06 at 15:27:25

statoo I used it for a while until I found iPulse

# by tasmanian_devil on 05/12/07 at 13:17:44

kewl!! i got statoo i like it like.. i dunno... a lot!

# by cpuente on 03/15/06 at 20:02:59

I really like it! Great, thank U!

# by Dylan1077 on 06/24/06 at 19:32:54

I dig that desktop

# by ernesto_a10 on 04/01/07 at 13:05:59

wow.. 5 ducks..!! hey dude where can i get those icons.. they look nice..

# by nidge on 12/31/07 at 18:49:52

thanks, i like the transparent look

# by Mudkipz on 03/27/08 at 16:57:21

...rule 1&2
facepalm.jpg why'd i say that.
also, how did you make you mac like that.
i wish i was computer smart instead of random-awesome smart. then I'd know a major...

# by vesso on 12/15/08 at 03:19:31

it beauty....

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"Essic" by Chris Egeberg (essic), for the initial code base off which this theme is derived.