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Star Trek Next Generation Quotations

Star Trek Next Generation Quotations

Submitted By Paul Woodsworth (ds093)


Random and memorable quotations from Next Gen Trek characters Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Dr. Crusher, Troi, Data, Geordi, Tasha Yar, Guinan, Wes, Sarek and others. Just type in /sttng to insert a random Next Generation quote into your IMs or type /sttng into your status and your online friends will see a random quote for your status.

To suggest additional quotes for inclusion in the next release of this script send an e-mail to adiumxquotes[at]deepspace93[dot]com including the quote, who says it and what episode it comes from.



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# by computerfreak3693 on 07/18/06 at 14:42:31

i love this! would it be possible to see the full list of the quotes?

# by ds093 on 07/21/06 at 13:48:59

I have them on my website: Hasn't been updated for a while, so the system is just automatically recycling the ones it has; therefore, the RealAudio will not work on any of them and the search engine may or may not be accurate. But sorting by series will still work.

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