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Card Dealer

Card Dealer

Submitted By Mike Lewis (RR_GraphixGuy)


What is it?

I saw somebody wrote a dice roller, so I thought it would be fun to have a random card dealer too. If you download this and my Deck-O-Cards Emoticon Pack (not required, though), you can have fun dealing out a lousy hand to your chat buddies! While the script is not a game and does not keep score of any kind, I think you can still have fun with this. (Try playing a simple version of War with each other.) This is my very first set of scripts, and I plan on continuing to tinker with this for a while, so check back for updates.

If you don't have "Deck-O-Cards", there is also an option to use other emoticons as card suits. (See how below.)

The dealer's name is derived from one account (the first service account created in Adium, I believe.)

How do I use it?

/deal{n} activates the script and will deal out n cards to the person you are chatting with. This will use your name and your buddy's name. The limit is 10 cards.

/deals{n} works as above, except that suits are replaced with various smileys. (Hence the "s" on the end of "deal".) Feel free to open the script in Script Editor and change the definition of "suit_list". (Currently set to use the Default emoticon set.)

If n is not a number 1 through 10, nor the word "shuffle", your chat buddy will see how inexperienced you are with a deck of cards.

%_deal{n} and %_deals{n} are the in-line equivalents, and simply returns the list of cards without identifying a dealer and player.



Ralph deals Joe a 5 of Hearts, and a 3 of Diamonds.


Ralph deals Joe an Ace of :-), a Queen of :-O, and a 3 of :-(.


Like a Vegas casino host, Ralph shuffles the cards.

Ralph throws down %_deal{1} and laughs at Joe.

Ralph throws down a 3 of Clubs and laughs at Joe.

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25.53kb (1125 downloads)

4.10 / 12 votes
Current Version: 0.5
Last Updated: 12/03/05
Mike Lewis (me) for the idea and card generator.

Whoever wrote the text formatting subroutine in the "Who?" script.